Repeat It: Julia Gall

julia gall


#RepeatIt is a series that focuses on highlighting stylish people and the clothing they wear all of the time, rather than something new, in an effort to promote a more healthy and mindful behavior around shopping when it comes to fashion. We spoke to Julia Gall, Accessories Director of Marie Claire, amid Milan Fashion Week about her style, how she shops, and what items she repeats the most.


Repeat It: Julia Gall

julia gall

Look 1: Vintage white collared blouse from Sara Berman’s Closet via Etsy, Polo Ralph Lauren leather blazer, Elizabeth & James leggings, Shutz shoes, Celine bag, Stems Napa Valley scarf


All The Pretty Birds: How would you describe your style?

Julia Gall: I love being really girly, but also a little retro, with a touch of school uniform. The 70’s is my favorite era. So like: sweaters/blazers/mini skirts/plaid with socks/bows/little flats, boom.


ATPB: How do you shop? By trend, by favorite brands, based on some specific inspiration?

JG: I keep a list on my phone of items that I feel like are missing from my wardrobe when I try to get dressed. This helps for when I have a gift card or go check out a sale so I don’t get caught up in anything too crazy. Right now I’m looking for “perfect black pleated skirt, chic hoodie, comfortable black pants, knit sweatpants”. I also try to buy quality pieces that have some resale value in case I ever want to sell them again.



julia gall

julia gall


ATPB: How often would you say you repeat items in your closet?

JG: A ton. Even with specific pieces sometimes I wear them every week if I’m going through a phase. I wear my favorite jeans once a week at least. But I do like to challenge myself to work out a new way to wear something that hasn’t gotten much play in a while.


ATPB: Do you usually repeat items or looks during fashion month? How does it feel to do so?

JG: I try to repeat if I can, since I do not have infinite luggage allowance, but most days I’m “out all day” kinda girl, wearing the same thing from 8am until 12am. My schedule is usually pretty packed so I don’t ever count on having time to change. After a whole day in an outfit, some clothes kind of lose their magic the second time you try to wear them.


ATPB: Have you ever felt the pressure to wear something new each day of fashion month?

JG: When I was in high school, I never repeated an outfit EVER. It was absolutely psychotic. I was very picky about it. I’m trying super hard to break out of that mentality as an adult. Sometimes I try to be more casual or wear something that isn’t too fussy, like jeans and a sweater with a fun shoe. When it works, it’s magic. When it doesn’t, I just feel weird all day, like it’s too casual or a weekend look. It’s definitely more about how I feel and less about what everyone else thinks.


julia gall julia gall

Look 2: Vintage white collared blouse from Sara Berman’s Closet via Etsy, Chanel cardigan, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Dior bag, Emilio Cavillini socks, Gucci shoes


julia gall

julia gall



ATPB: What is your impression of the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) approach to social media that specifically focuses on new items, or the object of the moment?

JG: I used to think it was more about an obsession about what people had and what you didn’t have, but I now feel like we’re all a bit more wiser to how people obtain things and don’t accept it at face value anymore. Showing off designer things no longer means someone actually purchased it. With that said, I think everyone is genuinely excited to see how other people dress and draw inspiration from how everyone interprets fashion. 


ATPB: Do you ever think about the message that we send to our followers or readers in terms of this practice?

JG: I think authenticity needs to be the best policy in all forms of media. Without it, who are we?


ATPB: Does the focus on the newest item encourage our followers to invest in pieces that they will wear long term, does it bolster their individuality, will it sustain their joy?

JG: Probably none of those things. There are too many options now to create true “covetable” items. The it-bag barely exists now because so many designers have tried to push their own iterations of what they think it could be, but that magic fanaticism can only exist when something really different comes along, not when there are 13 versions of it.


julia gall

Look 3: Vintage white collared blouse from Sara Berman’s Closet via Etsy, Valentino skirt, Gucci x Disney bag, Aera shoes, Chanel bracelets, Nicole Pourchaire Paris headband


julia gall

julia gall

julia gall


ATPB: Do you ever think about the role that our obsession with accumulating the next new thing plays in the proliferation of fashion industry related pollution?

JG: I think as consumers, the ball is in our court. If we are not creating the demand, ultimately the industry will produce less. We are responsible for changing the story here, but we need to be satisfied with things we have already and to shop wiser, not cheaper. Fast fashion needs to feel more like fast food to everyone. If you wouldn’t put a Big Mac IN your body, then you shouldn’t want to put it ON your body either.


ATPB: Do you have any advice related to regularly wearing items or repeating looks for individuals outside of the fashion industry who don’t have access to samples, gifts, discounts?

JG: I think it’s about building a base wardrobe of essentials first and then peppering in the fun pieces and accessories that can stretch your wardrobe further. At Marie Claire, we’re constantly talking about what a woman “needs” and really coming to brass tacks about what are the most crucial pieces a woman needs in her wardrobe. If you shift your attention to finding the one perfect piece in each category instead of trendier shapes and silhouettes, you’ll see your impulses change and shopping become more of a focused mission.


ATPB: Can you share some trends that you saw on the runway during FW20/21 which will be around for the next few seasons?

JG: One of the biggest takeaways of the season is very chic and classic outerwear. It’s about a well-tailored and no frills wool coat that transcends trends. I also saw a ton of skirt suiting, some with sexier details like a side slit or carwash fringe, but it’s definitely about a refined, no-brainer 2 piece skirt suit. I know I’ll be after both! 


Imagery by Darrel Hunter @modehunter @darrelhunterphotography


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