Review: Snow Bros. Nick & Tom Special - A Tired Bubble Bobble-Alike That’s Finally Affordable

Snow thank you.

Don’t you think a gaming hero should have a sort of heroic name? Rastan! Sparkster! Astyanax! Right? Yet here we are with the Snow Bros, Nick and Tom. Nicholas Snow and Thomas Snow. Not bad names – we can foresee a gritty murder mystery series starring one Thomas Snow coming to ITV in the near future – but not names that inspire enormous confidence in their capability. Nor should they, because the Snow Bros are a bit rubbish. The friendly local Twin Princesses get abducted, while Nick and Tom get turned into snowmen. And not even the flying kind who take you to see Santa then melt away while leaving behind a scarf in a skillfully produced allegory for grief. But we digress.

Toaplan's Snow Bros. is basically a take on Bubble Bobble, really, but the difference is that Bub and Bob's inaugural appearance is a masterpiece, and Snow Bros. is a weak imitation. The game surely has a cult following and prices on the secondhand market are sky-high, but it's just not that fun to play. Movement and jumping feel floaty and weird. Everything is sort of grotesque-looking, but not in that Binding of Isaac gross-cute kind of way. You walk around freezing enemies. You collect various items for points. There's very little to it and its appeal seems to extend only to its fans. A Snow Bros. fan, can you imagine?

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