Salvatore Ferragamo’s Movie O’Clock has your holiday party dress codes sorted

Something magical happens every festive season.

The few days clustered between Christmas and New Year’s Eve gesture at latent possibility. Of good tidings and fair wishes, yes, but also of glitter and parties and RSVPs and count-downs to kisses at the stroke of midnight that, really, mean “It’s you. You’re who I want to spend next year with. The next after that, too.” And all this is reason enough to show up dressed up — like something out of a movie. Something Salvatore Ferragamo’s stunning range of shoes and accessories are perfectly poised to accomplish. 

From imaginary locales in Florence to Seoul and, finally, Shanghai, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Movie O’Clock series weave through friends, through lovers with single, hand-delivered invitations. And the invitation? Requesting attendance at three holiday parties, decked out with the promise of candle-lit dinners, flutes and flutes of bubbly and riotous, belly-shaking laughter.

Though, what does one wear to such mysterious soirées?

The Glitzy Soirée 

Dress code: To Impress


The hurtle towards Christmas means the mass homecoming of reds — bright, maroon; the entire spectrum welcome — and dark, holly green. It’s a palette that nods at merriment and joy; a harbinger of warm, cosy nights out (and in!) with friends, with family — with the ones you love most. Then, New Year’s Eve beckons. Soirées beckon. Dress codes of “Glitz and Glam” beckon.

Now, Salvatore Ferragamo isn’t christened the Shoemaker of Dreams for nothing. If it’s fanciful footwear that’s so desired, the Maison’s faceted mirror-effect column heel — perched and pretty under silver-foiled Florrie ankle boots and strappy Florenza sandals alike — is your ticket to dancing an evening away; a sparkle that can only be tallied with a sequin-strewn Gancini minibag. 

As for the gents, switch out smooth leather for black patent Derbies. Now here’s a head-turning shine that follows each cavorting step.

The House Party

Dress code: Comfort First, Sparkles Second

The most important factor for a party worth remembering, after all, is the company. Not the venue, not the food. Not the glasses of wine, half-drunk and forgotten. Then comes the little details. Make comfort a priority for parties held in the nestling comforts of home — yours or a favourite friend’s. 

Salvatore Ferragamo’s Viva bow-topped ballet flats — in colourways of pink foil and silver sequins, of course; it is still a party — slip on and kick off just as easily. Then, match Viva bow to Viva bow to Viva bow from the top of your head (with a large, sequinned hair clip) to the ends of your fingertips (with a magenta pink leather clutch). Just make sure the latter doesn’t get mistaken as a particularly beautiful cushion as the party curls inward for the night; what, with its delicately padded exterior, it’s a mistake that’s bound to happen.

The Weekend Away

Dress code: Come As You Are


Then, there’s the weekend away. Away from the city, away from the parties. Away from the noise; the responsibility; the fibre-optic WiFi. It could be a cabin in the woods, or a country villa, lit only by starry, starry nights overhead. Here’s where you bring only yourself — and whatever else you hold near and dear to heart. A lover. A favourite book. Nothing but a change of clothes.

But do bring something warm. A reversible Gancini Galore bucket hat will keep rainy days at bay; a fringed scarf protects from drafts. Or bring all of the above — the shiny shoes; the shiny bags; the shiny hair clips — and have a ball. It’s Christmas, after all.

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