Saturday, 17 July 2021

I made a spur of the moment whim to cut my hair today as it's been extremely hot and humid for the past one week. It was done in my bedroom and  the hair stylist is none other than myself!  It only took me 5 minutes to get about 22cm of hair trimmed! Easy peasy! The last time I had my hair cut was exactly a year ago, during the first lockdown and Sherilyn was the hair stylist.  My neck now feels so airy without the long hair twirling around it like a scarf in billy boiling temperatures.  I'm so proud of myself 😆

This is the second time that I cut my hair myself.  I guess it's super easy as I have fine baby hair texture that's thin and straight.  I've cut the most difficult of hair before and it's Cass' hair as her hair is thick and frizzy.  This finicky rascal was super satisfied with my work 😁.  

Haru gave us a big scare today when she vomited twice and kept pooping. I was about to drag her to the vet but when I saw that she looked active and content after the purging and vomiting episode, I decided to wait for a few hours while monitoring her closely.  Thank God she's as right as rain again after fasting for half a day with just sips of water intermittently.  I can't pin point the culprit that's causing her to purge and vomit but I suspect that she overate some pork from our soup for the past two days.  She kept purring for food lately each time we're in the kitchen and we fed her four times a day (twice with wet food and twice with kibbles).  We now have to cut down her feeding from 4 times to 2-3 times daily. 

Always keeping us on our toes and giving me additional chores everyday. Nonetheless, we're grateful that Haru came into our lives.