Simple & Adorable Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

Once shops start breaking out pumpkin spice everything you know it’s almost here—Halloween! Even if you’re not a kid going trick or treating, it’s still so fun to pretend to be someone (or something) else for the day and take in all the creative costumes around you. Not human? No problem! Halloween is an inclusive event and all of your furry friends are welcome to get in on the Halloween spirit. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite, easy (no sewing required) costume ideas that will have your pet fitting right in with your ghoulishly fun fam—happy haunting!

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Beanie Baby

Are you a 90’s baby? Then you should turn your pet into a Beanie Baby, baby! This one is great for cats or dogs. It’s minimal but so sweet and nostalgic. All you need is some felt to cut out the heart-shaped tag and a white marker or paint. Just attach the tag to their real-life collar and they are as cute as the coveted "it" collectibles of their day. Get ready for lots of smiles on your daily walk.

Coffee Cup

If your pet is on the smaller side, this one is perfection: Turn your furry friend into your favorite cuppa joe! All you need is some cardboard or poster board, some inspo for the cup logo from your favorite coffee joint, a lid to top it off and some fabric elastic to tie it all together. This costume idea is HOT!

“Hairy Pawter” aka “Harry Potter”

It’s everyone’s favorite young wizard (just furrier than you remember...) This one is a crowd-pleaser for sure and it doesn’t take any wizardry on your part, just a few bucks for supplies. You’ll need some felt, hot glue and pipe cleaners to make those iconic specs. You can find loads of pictures of Harry Potter online, simply pick a look and be inspired! Not into research? Just put together the glasses, that famous scarf with strips of felt and the lightning bolt "scar" and you are good to go!

Cereal Bowl or Martini Glass

The “cone of shame” can’t ruin your pet’s costume game! Truly make it work, by turning your pet into a bowl of fruit-colored cereal! Head to your local craft store and buy some multi-colored foam—then cut it into circles and “toss” into their cone. Cut out a spoon shape from cardboard and spray silver to complete the cutest bowl of cereal you’ve ever seen.

Cones are so cool, they can also turn your pet into a walking martini! Pick up some foam ovals at any craft store, spray green, and skewer with a plastic rod or stick—cheers!

Ballerina Tutu or Cheerleader

Because pets can be pretty light on their toes, not to mention flexible (hello, downward dog yoga pose), turn your friend into a ballerina with the perfect tutu! This one is good for pets that aren’t into the full costume vibe. All you need is some tulle, fabric elastic and velcro tape to hold it in place. Measure your pet’s “waist” so you know how large to make the band. Then cut strips of tulle and tie them onto the band however you please.

Want to rep your fav team? This look doubles as a cheerleader uniform—just use tulle in your team's colors and accessorize as little or as much as you want.


—Jamie Aderski