Simple Fall Decorating Ideas with Textiles

Hello my sweet Foxes!! And welcome to my first Fall post for the season. I am thrilled to be joining my long time friend Ashley of Cherished Bliss, for this simple, more intimate Seasonal Design Series. Today we will be focusing on decorating with textiles. And how changing them up, or adding them, can be the perfect punch of seasonal flavor you & your home are craving.

My pumpkin pillows are a few years old, but I found a cute set of four and linked them under “sources” for you!

Some examples of textiles you can use to decorate your home:

Pillows (I think these are a big favorite for many of us!)

Throws & Blankets


Rugs: Area rugs, runners, scatter rugs & doormats (both interior & exterior)


Tableware: tablecloths, runners and napkins

Towels: From bath to dish 

Today I’m going to be concentrating on the first two items on my list: PILLOWS & THROWS

I’ll be peppering clickable shopping links throughout the post for your convinece. Some may be affiliate links. Click here for full disclosure

It’s still very lovely here along the Oregon Coast in September, and because of that, I usually like to start a little slower with my Fall decorating. For today I decided to share some ideas for decorating with textiles for Fall decor that have a lighter look, as we begin the transition from late Summer into Fall. 

[All my antlers are natural sheds, so no deer were harmed for my decorating.]

With so much variety available, it’s wonderful that there are so many beautiful alternatives to the classic orange Autumn decor, if that’s not to your tastes. Or if you are like me, and like to take your time going full-on Fall. 

With textiles comes texture… and it can be just as seasonally relevant as color & print. Richer more lush details, and fabrics like bouclé and velvet are traditionally used in the Fall & Winter.  

Tassel Pillow [here] & Fringe Throw [here]
A perfect example of just why I love a good neutral base in much of my home decor, is the versatility it allows me! I’m using my Tufted Trellis pillows I bought back in March, and the Zoey fringe throw I got in February, and I simply paired them with my aqua pumpkin pillows for a fresh new coupling. I find them chameleon like with the juxtaposition of their color and details. 

For a slight tweak, I removed the washed aqua blanket, and switched out the Tufted Trellis pillow for a grey cable knit pillow.

Just a visual for how those little changes can start to change the color palette of a space. 

Next I tried pairing the grey cable knit with a little faux leather number!

Find my faux leather pillow cover [here]
And just to keep that slightly richer color scheme going, I switched out the Hydrangea coffee table decor, for a look built around these Pear stems. 

Another textile example is the grain sack remnant on the coffee table. I got that on this trip [here] when I went to tour a gorgeous historic home renovation!
TIP: Another textile I’ll often use as a base, or to soften a smaller vignette, is a fabric napkin or two. They can often be just that little something needed to pull a look together.

Find my Gathering Bowl squirrel dish [here]

Find my Pear stems [here]
Just for fun, I did a slighting richer look with a deeper more traditional Autumn colored pillow and just a few different accessories. 

I myself find that I tend to feel more drawn to the richer more saturated colors as we get into October & November.

But oddly, paired with all the creamy ivory and white, I actually didn’t mind it. And now, I’m not sure how I’m going to decorate for my Fall home tour just a few short weeks from now! I guess we’ll see how my mood strikes?
If I’ve learned anything over the years when it comes to decorating though… it’s not to have too much of a plan. For me, that’s a sure fire way to stifle my natural creative flow and become frustrated. And I want to enjoy my home and decorating it! 

I hope the looks I showcased throughout this post were good visual examples of how easily you can change a few things to add a Fall feel to your home with textiles, and how very small tweaks can change the overall color scheme and vibe of your overall design. Happy Fall fluffing, Shannon

Pale Aqua Pumpkin Pillow, similar [set of four pillow covers here]

Tufted Trellis Pillow [here] 

Grey Cable Knit Pillow, similar [here] [here] & [set of two, here]

Zoey Throw, Adeline Chunky Throw, Gathering Bowl, Pear Stems – Gifted by Grandin Road [here]

And don’t forget, there are four other gals sharing their textile tips and suggestions today, they’d love to see you too! 

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Below are a few favorite Fall spaces with some fun textile elements.

Get all sources & read the full post [here] 
Get the blanket scarf [here] for only $10.99 

Get all source & read the full post [here] 
Buffalo check pumpkins [here] & Rug [here]

Get all sources & read the full post [here] 
Buffalo check pillow covers [here]  Jute rug [here]

Can’t wait to see you all next Tuesday, when the girls and I will be back with the second post in our Seasonal Decorating Series. We’ll be focusing on Fall Home Decor next! Thanks to all for stopping by today, it was lovely to have you here in our home. If you are new here and you’d like to learn a smidge more about me, and read the story of our home, you can click here. 

Love & light, Shannon 


Almost forget! You can find my set of four Fall pillow covers for only $15 [here]
They work perfectly, as I didn’t want anything expensive outdoors, and they can be washed! 


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