Snarky Thoughts

I know that not everyone in Hollywood has had work done—I mean, explain Steve Buscemi—but when someone stands up and shouts to the world that they are all-natural, well, you gotta take a ten-second swan dive into Google images to seek the truth. And I’m looking at you, Vicki Beckham. Some folks are saying that the pop-star-fashion-mogul has had a nose job but Vicki is setting the record straight, like her nose, that she has never had that kind of work done.

My Thought: Up top, Old Nose Vicki and New Nose Vicki. I don’t care about many pounds you drop, the nose doesn’t lose weight at the tip and also become straighter.


At this week’s People’s Choice Awards—the awards show for the people … who know nothing about awards shows—Shania Twain was getting an Icon Award, and so she showed up to the event looking like, well that, up there. She had pink hair, and some cheetah head scarf that melded into a neck scarf that melded into gloves maybe, and a skirt with an arrow pointing to her vagina. And that wasn’t the worst thing of all … that was Shania’s new face that, like Vicki Beckham, I’m sure she will claim is still her old face.

My Thought: Some say the look  paid tribute to her cheetah ensemble from the That Don’t Impress Me Much video but I say why not just wear the old look and leave the Grannie Garanimal™ look at home?

Apparently Nick Cannon was in the hospital last week suffering from pneumonia, which means that nine months from today we can be guaranteed there will be no Cannon Spawn.

My Thought: Pneumonia? I thought maybe it was just restless Dick Syndrome?


What is it with some women and their awards show fashion? Singer Rita Ora attended the 2022 British Fashion Awards last week in that look up there. Ora added intrigue to the look by bleaching her eyebrows and sporting mermaid-like facial prosthetics.

My Thought: Bra and thong under a sheer sheet is fashion? Or maybe there’s a porn version of The Little Mermaid happening?

Dress   Face

At the recent Kennedy Center Honors, where George Clooney was with a Lifetime Achievement Award he made sure Amal Clooney looked her best on the red carpet as well and helped place her train ‘just so.’

My Thought: I can’t help but think about Tina Fey, saying of Clooney’s Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement Award a few years back:

“Amal is a human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, an adviser to Kofi Annan on Syria and was appointed to a three-person commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza strip, so tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.”