Someone Asks “Boys, What Is Something You Didn’t Know About Girls Until You Got With One?” And 39 Folks Online Deliver

Wise people sometimes call relationships or family life a book that two people gradually, page by page, read, gaining new knowledge about the partner, and about themselves as well. But sometimes, when opening a new book, we are surprised to find that it is written in a language we do not know, and the letters are pretty often also incomprehensible...

Yes, that's right - many men admit that before they began to share the same roof with a woman, they had little idea of women's health, psychology and lifestyle. And something that women take for granted became a real revelation for the heroes of this viral thread.


Doctors just ***do not*** listen to women about their own bodies. My gf (and ex) have both had me go into doctor appointments with them so I could verify what they're saying about their own bodies. It is mind blowing to experience.

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How young girls are when they start being sexually harassed

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That endometriosis is a lot worse than whatever they describe in textbooks.

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Any man that thinks that we're the physically stronger sex has clearly never tried to pull the bed sheets away from his wife in the middle of the night...


The clitoris is right there peeking out at you from under it's little hood. It not tucked up under her spleen or hidden behind an ovary!

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"I am thinking about nothing" is an alien concept for them.

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When they tell you their problems, they don't want you to solve them. They just want you to listen and sympathize with their plight. Even if you have a quick and easy solution, keep it to yourself and pretend that they issue is just as bad as they think it is.

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How expensive bras are. Growing up I assumed they were like underwear: $7.99 for a four-pack at Target.

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Their pockets are fake!!!!

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I didn't know that birth control had so many (often prevalent) side effects.

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Their vaginal discharge can bleach underwear

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That towel wrapped on their head actually contains hair. Don't yank it.

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How bad period cramps can get.

Watching someone who I *knew* to be a strong person mentally, get reduced to basically just crying on the couch for *days*, that was eye opening.

EDIT: hey this comment is getting a lot of traction so it's worth mentioning as a sorta PSA, I've been with two women who had cramps that bad, and both of them it basically got resolved when they got an IUD. Not completely fixed but like 10% as bad as it was. Worth checking out, if you deal with that kind of s**t too.

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They’re just as disgusting as men, they’re just prettier and more sly about it.


I thought that for menstrual pads, the sticky sides were to stick to the body to stay attached, rather than on the underwear.

Also just how bad the unprompted sexts are. I mean, I'm a gay dude where that's not uncommon but that's usually like unsolicited d**k pics on Grindr or something. My girl friends will randomly get super aggressive texts from like, the realtor who showed them open rental properties last year or a guy in her lab class she's literally never spoken to - and like frequently.

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They shower in hell

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The amount of hair just everywhere

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I was pretty surprised by the fact that most girls sleep hanging upside down from the rafters and can't be fed after midnight.


They share way more details with their friends than we do

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Their hands are awfully cold, they’ll suck the heat right out of you when you’re cuddling, and they shower with water at the temperature of molten steel.

Oh…and the amount of hair everywhere is ridiculous

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That a 5' tall, 100lb woman is capable of taking up an entire king sized bed.

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Discharge. Its normal. Its natural. But in the beginning i thought she had a problem with bladder control.

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That hair washing is something that needs planning for and has consequences if missed or overdone.

Also certain kinds of underwear suit certain types of clothes.

(To be clear on the underwear I meant some sets of knickers are for particular outfits I.e my ex had thongs purely for nice dresses so it wouldn't show)

Edit: blimey this got busier than I thought! To be clear lads, I never doubted guys with long hair had to wash it too. I have just always had short hair and never knew it could be such a complex process for anybody.

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Hair ties, everywhere!

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That there is a lotion for like every body part.

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They use an absurd amount of toilet paper. Not hating, but I wasn't prepared for that.

Edit: For those of you plugging bidets, please link your recommendations with your comments.

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theres a second hole they pee from


Eyelash curlers exist

I’d grown up with sisters but never saw them use one, but my gf at the time pulled one out as we were looking to go out, I was perplexed and horrified

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That they PAY to get their acrylic nails REMOVED..

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That vaginas have a smell. Not in a bad way. And in hindsight makes sense, it's a body part with internal fluids. Just didn't think about it until I got with a girl


Those mini hairclip things that look like paper clips - they are not just a fashion accessory but a territorial marker. See how many you find around the house after your girl stays for a night or 2?


I’ve never loaded a dishwasher correctly a single day in my life

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Not me but I saw a post once where a guy was super confused about the rocks in his gfs shower, and had come to ask what they are and where he could find them to put in his shower so she would feel comfortable (in a put a stick and leaf in a jar for a frog vibe). He thought you’d just find them outside.

She had pumice stones.

Edit: for those wondering, pumice stones are the bubbly looking rocks that you can use to exfoliate the bottoms of your feet with. They are made when lava hardens super quick. Also they are so filled with holes that they can float in water.

Edit edit: two people have pointed out there was a similar thing from the onion, and I feel it is my duty to say I may have r/atetheonion here. Either completely, or I am mixing it up with a real thing I saw. Either way, wanted to tell on myself.

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How soft their skin feels.

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Women can be and often are much messier than men.


Heat vampires. They suck the heat out of you in bed.

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An earring or necklace always gets left behind. Right now I have a single earring on my bedroom nightstand, a woman’s scarf on the table by the front door, and a necklace on a piece of furniture in the living room. And I don’t even have a girlfriend.

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How much they can eat when they aren’t hungry


Will never get hungry or want anything to eat until after your food arrives

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