Steal Alert? J. Crew’s Weird “up to” 50% off select items sale

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J. Crew: Up to 50% off men’s gift-worthy picks

This is a weird one. J. Crew is running a 25% off code NOVEMBER through today, 11/6. But most seasoned J. Crew fans will know that 25% off isn’t all that great. Especially with Black Friday coming up in three weeks.

Yet they’re also simultaneously running an “Up to 50% off men’s gift-worthy picks” promo. No code needed, prices are marked in a section they’ve set aside. Yet when you go to the “Today’s offers” subsection and try to click on the “shop now” link for that set aside section… you get a broken 404 error page.

Dead end, right?

J. Crew Steal Alert 11621

Actually, if you do some poking around their inventory as a whole, there’s some substantial savings to be had. Hardly anything reaches the 50% off mark (that’s why they snuck the “up to” words in there), but there are more than a handful of new arrivals/holiday appropriate goods getting 40% off or more (which is what we stuck to with the picks above).

Will those goods fall to half off around Black Friday/Cyber Monday?


But it’s seeming more and more like it’ll be a real fistfight to get what you want in your size, and on time for whatever holiday bashes you may have coming up.

Yet it could pay to wait.

So it’s a risk either way.

Big thanks for the tip goes out to Brandon D., who was also kind enough to point out that they’re back to running a student/teacher 15% off discount, which stacks, as long as you verify your identity.

The “up to” 50% off promo expires today, Saturday 11/6, as does that NOVEMBER code.

That’s all.

Thanks for hanging with us on this one. I don’t want to drop stuff in your feed(s) that isn’t worthwhile. But figuring out just what IS and what ISN’T worth it is a bit of a moving target these days.

Carry on.