Stocking Filler Gifts - For Him

I mentioned in a previous post about creating Stocking Filler gifts for friends in the past and today I am sharing one for him which will hopefully give you some ideas as to what presents to buy your nearest and dearest.
Stocking Filler Gifts - For Him
Stocking Fillers or creating a stocking full of mini gifts is something I really love to create and get together and it is such an easy way to make Christmas present buying for fun. So for him, this year there is a whole host of grooming products that I have included, products that I know my hubby likes and with some, has used before.


Starting with a fragrance, without fail every year, there is always a new fragrance wrapped for him to open and in this gift guide I have included Aldi Lacura's Pure Noir which is described as being inspired by Tom Ford with Black Orchid and people have commented asking if that is what he is wearing!  This bottle, which is available in Aldi an on ad-hoc basis, basically if you see it grab it, is priced at just £5.99


In the shower, I like to think my shower gels are mine and his are his, nope, he will use whatever is there and doesn't really think about how it smells.  So I decided to grab two products for trying. The first comes from Primark with their Awakening Body Wash (£3.00) and it has Tea Tree and Aloe Vera alongside a fragrance of Dark Amber and Tonka, so it has quite a zing to it when used.  Alongside that from The Body Shop comes the Arber Hair & Body Wash (£6.50) and it is described as being a sensual woody fragrance with the aroma of lime, coriander and sandalwood. This is a 3-in-1 product and can be used as a cleanser, shampoo and skin conditioner.

Beard Care 

The biggest selection of products within this stocking filler guide is centred around shaving and beards because throughout lock-down he has grown an incredible beard, which is as important to look after as the hair on your head.  Starting with Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Shaving Cream (£19) and it is described as being a lightweight cream treatment to soothe and prep skin for a smooth shave. Packed full of amazing ingredients such as Squalene and Shea butter to moisturise, Vitamin E for its anti-oxidant properties and then Glycerin for hydration, this should be perfect for shaving those excess areas turning the mister into teen wolf as the hair starts to cover his entire face! Added to that we have the inclusion of the Razor MD Travel Trio (£28) which features three products - a pre-shave oil, a non-lathering shaving cream and a post shave lotion and they are packaged in a travel friendly clear wallet. Al three products are natural unscented, so there is no surprise scent when they are used. The finally from Johnny's Chop Shop we have the Beard Oil (£6) which is designed to nourish beard hair from root to tip and is infused with vitamin E, almond, apricot & olive oil and it is a non-oily oil and then we have the Beard Shampoo (£7) and it is described as being a formulated shampoo which works to soften and strengthen the beard while removing any traces of styling products and nourishing skin.


I am always encouraging the use of serums, creams, masks and in this guide I have kept it simple with just a few products.  The Gruff Stuff, which we have used before and have since re-purchased, is a vegan, cruelty-free brand that is made in the UK and was created to be suitable for all men, and all skin types. In this guide we have the Spray On Moisturiser which is described as being innovative, it uses a fuss-free spray application which works to give a quick and powerful boost of hydration and then we also have the Eye Balm which is described as being a gentle, yet powerful hydrating eye balm which combats the entire orbital area. Using a combination of potent ingredients such as Matcha Green Tea extracts, it helps to fade dark circles, reduce puffiness and firm and together they are a set which can be purchased for just £45.   Face masks are always a big plus and they are such good value for money. From Masquebar with Bandito, the Chill a Minute or 30 Mask, this is a cream mask which uses Lemon Fruit Extract and Vitamin E and it is designed to leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.  Then finally there is Proverb Strengthening Skin Serum which is designed to leave skin feeling instantly lifted and looking energised while helping improve signs of ageing. It uses a whole host of amazing sounding ingredients which includes Antarctic glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate, acai, sea buckthorn, blue agave, thyme, basil and bitter orange.  The final product is another face mask and this time it is from BARBER PRO with their Foaming Cleansing Mask with Activated Charcoal (£4.95).  This mask is designed to rid the skin of dirt, oil and impurities. Described as being 'soaked in' Activated Charcoal and a rich AHA Complex, the cleansing mask detoxifies the complexion, which is ideal for refining pores and reducing excess oil on acne-prone skin.  Fun to use and gentle on the skin.

The final item I am including within this guide is one that I absolutely love, though not as much as my mister and it comes from a brand called Fawler, which can be found on Trendhim and it is a Frisco Black Urban Tube Scarf.
Stocking Filler Gifts - For Him
As you can see, it is easy to wear, it is incredibly warm without being too restrictive around the neck.  It is available in a variety of colours and is priced at £45 which, for something as well made as this is, absolute bargain to be had.

I find for men, there is no end of products you can include within a Stocking to create an amazing gift, games, books, tool, skincare, fragrance, socks and so much more.  Hopefully this is a good insight as to what I would be including in the one I have created.

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