Stuck at Home? 20 Things to Do if You’re Trying to Avoid the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Over Age 60

Stuck at Home 20 Things to Do if You’re Over 65 Trying to Avoid the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Up until now, I’ve haven’t written too much about the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak. But, after much soul-searching, I decided that I had an obligation to help all of you to get through this difficult time.

Of course, there are practical things that we can do to lower our coronavirus risk. But, getting through a global crisis, like the one that we are facing requires more than just keeping our bodies safe; we also have to keep our minds and souls happy; we need to stay positive so that we have the strength to face each day.

So, today, I wanted to take a different approach to dealing with the coronavirus. Since many of you are stuck at home, self-isolating, or, at the very least, minimizing social contact, I wanted to offer a few suggestions for activities that can keep you busy and happy. I hope that you will also add your own suggestions in the comments section at the end of this article.

Stay Entertained with Movies, Music and More!

If you’re stuck at home, why not binge-watch movies or documentaries on Amazon or Netflix? Consider watching humor and more light-hearted topics. Stuck for ideas?

Here are a few of my favorite Netflix titles!

  • The Great British Baking Show
  • Grace and Frankie
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Medici The Magnificent
  • Cosmos
  • Velvet
  • Master of None
  • When Calls the Heart
  • The Roosevelts
  • Death in Paradise
  • Planet Earth
  • Microcosmos
  • PBS Nature

Do Something with Your Hands! Embrace Crafting!

Why not enjoy craft activities like knitting, crocheting, quilting or coloring? A great source of wool is Lion Brand. I love their Mantra multi-color wool!

As an added bonus, doing something crafty may help you to keep your hands away from your face, which is great if you want to reduce your risk of getting the Coronavirus.

Give Your Brain a Workout with Our FREE Online Games!

Most of the time, our inability to multitask is frustrating. But, during times of stress, it can actually work to our benefit!

Take games, for example. When you are playing an engaging online game or doing the daily crossword puzzle, your mind will, at least temporarily, be carried away from your troubles.

The even better news is that Sixty and Me has an entire library of FREE online games. From crossword puzzles and sudoku to puzzles and arcade games, have something just for you!

Try Online Shopping – Use a Little Retail Therapy to Raise Your Spirits!

If you don’t feel like going out to the shops, you’re not alone. Many of us, myself included, are choosing to stay away from crowded supermarkets as much as possible. But, this doesn’t mean that we need to give up shopping completely. is a source of little treasures. Check out these other platforms for craft-preneurs for more hand-made goodness: Bonanza, Amazon Handmade, or ArtFire.

Our own Sixty and Me shop has yoga videos, lovely accessories and amazing inspirational cards. And, shopping with us or any of your favorite small businesses is a great way to keep the economy moving!

Relax with a Book – Here Are a Few of Our Faves!

With so much going on in the world, now might be the perfect time to escape into an engaging fiction or non-fiction book. My favorite from the last month is A Gentleman in Moscow. Here are a few other recommendations from your Sixty and Me sisters:

  • Dominicana, Angie Cruz
  • The Last Ocean: A Journey Through Memory and Forgetting, Nicci Gerrard
  • The Testaments, Margaret Atwood
  • Silver, Sword & Stone: Three Crucibles in the Latin American Story, Marie Arana
  • The Institute, Stephen King
  • Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know, Malcolm Gladwell
  • Red at the Bone, Jacqueline Woodson
  • Toil & Trouble: A Memoir, Augusten Burroughs
  • The Water Dancer, Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Me, Elton John
  • Quantum, Patricia Cornwell
  • No Stopping Us Now: The Adventures of Older Women in American History, Gail Collins
  • Olive, Again, Elizabeth Strout
  • The Body: A Guide for Occupants, Bill Bryson
  • A Dog’s Promise, W. Bruce Cameron
  • The Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando, William J. Mann
  • The Guardians, John Grisham
  • Edison, Edmund Morris
  • Janis: Her Life and Music, Holly George-Warren
  • All This Could Be Yours, Jami Attenberg
  • Volume Control: Hearing in a Deafening World, David Owen
  • Agent Running in the Field, John le Carré
  • Joy of Cooking: 2019 Edition, Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and others

Or, you could always try out, which is the largest online source of audiobooks on the planet. Honestly, some of them are like audio-movies!

Stay Calm and Carry on with Meditation!

Whenever I get stressed, I routinely turn to meditation and breathing exercises. To find out more about the power of meditation, check out this article.

Or, why not learn a new language free online at Duolingo?

Write. Start that Memoir… or Just Write a Poem or Letter

Putting your thoughts on paper can really help to remove stress from your life. I love the autobiographical journal called the Book of Me!

Another technique is to write down your concerns at the end of each night and leave them on the bedside table. They will be there in the morning for you, so, there’s no reason not to sleep!

Do a Life Review

Take a moment to sit down and reflect on the amazing life you’ve had. Work through things to leave behind and look forward to a calmer and more peaceful time in the future.

Explore the World with Virtual Travel

If you have decided to cut back on travel, why not enjoy the world of virtual travel? Go to YouTube and visit the pyramids of Egypt, go on a canoe ride down the Amazon, drop from a helicopter onto the highest peaks in the Alps. The possibilities are endless!

Call a Friend on Skype, Facetime or What’s App

Thank goodness for technology! While many of us don’t want to (or can’t) get out to visit our loved ones, Skype, Facetime and What’s App make staying connected possible.

Of course, you may decide to enjoy the solitude, but, a friendly face and a smile can make all the difference!

Take Online Courses. Be a Lifelong Learner!

There are hundreds of fabulous online courses on topics from medieval history to art history, design to programming. Sign up for an online program at these websites:

Explore Downsizing or Just Do a Little Spring Cleaning

Take this opportunity to simplify your life. Open just one drawer, closet or dresser and start clearing the clutter.

Enjoy the process of exploring what is important to you and downsize your life. Check out our sister site, Learn to Simplify for inspiration.

Take Care of Your Body – Exercise and Eat Well

Taking care of yourself is so important to strengthen your immune system – and to keep your mood positive.

While the coronavirus is in the news, you may not want to go to the gym, so, why not create your own inhouse exercise regime?

Try our own Sixty and Me gentle yoga videos, Pilates or simple stretching exercises.

Watch a YouTube dance video, learn new Bollywood moves or the 5 Tibetan Rites. Speaking of which, this Udemy Bollywood class is definitely on my list!

Experiment with Cooking

This is a perfect time to learn a new recipe and make some lovely homemade treats. There are lots of fun cooking classes from the world’s best on Masterclass.

Learn a New Skill

One way to feel relevant and engaged in the world is to become good at something! Whether it’s playing the piano or knitting a scarf, let your imagination go and take this time at home to learn and master a new skill.

Here are a few ideas for skills to learn while you are stuck at home:

Pamper Yourself

Look at the time you are spending at home as an opportunity to pamper yourself with a facial, self-massage or staycation.

Make an inexpensive homemade mask, give yourself a manicure or pedicure. Love your beautiful self!

Here’s a fun turmeric mask that I enjoyed making at home.

Play with Makeup

Why not watch some of my makeup tutorials on YouTube or discover one of the amazing other makeup bloggers who can help you create your favorite celebrity look.

Then, paint your nails, color your hair.

Smile! You are beautiful!

Watch TED Talks

This is one of my favorite activities. I love the format and wonderful diversity of TED talks. They are real-world and beautifully entertaining. Ted Talks. What are your favorites?

Here are a few Ted Talks that will really make you think!

Wash Your Windows or Clean Up Around the House

One of my favorite things to do when I’m stuck at home is to wash the windows! I find that it’s a great way to get some exercise and letting the sun in your house is good for you!

As an added benefit, did you know that sunlight – even sunlight filtered through your windows – can actually kill bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces? It’s true!

Find Ways to Keep a Sense of Humor

Finally, this viral video is just one example of how to have fun and get inspired about preventive ways to deal with the virus. Wash your hands and rub, rub, rub!

We can get through this difficult situation if we stick together. Let’s support each other and try to stay positive.

Take care everyone!