Style Scenario: What to Wear to a Dressed Up Holiday Party

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What are you going to wear? Sometimes its good to look at a few suggestions then add your own tweaks and ideas. Thats what these are for. To the long-time readers of this corner of the web a tieless suit is pretty familiar. But just because its been done before doesnt make it the wrong play. BUT. What if you really want to get fancy? Or the occasion calls for going all out? Heres one way to do it this year, whether it be at a swanky Christmas party, or a big time New Years Eve event.Coming up tomorrow: A style scenario for a smart-casual party. Not quite as dressed up. Then well move on after that toa much more dressed down/laid back style scenario for a holiday get togetherTop Photo Credit: Luca Sartoni

Style Scenario: What to Wear to a Dressed Up Holiday Party |

The Jacket: J. Crew Ludlow Shawl Collar Velvet Blazer in Atlantic Navy $149 w/ MONDAY ($298).Half off, extended one more day. To me, if youre going to a holiday party or a wedding, it means youre not wearing something youd wear to work. And a velvet blazer is, by definition, party/wedding appropriate and something no one (well, almost) can wear to work.

The Pants: Lands End Tailored Fit Yearrounder Wool Dress Pants in Dark Charcoal $44.97w/ SLICK ($89.95).If youre getting a niche jacket, try to make the rest of your outfit from wardrobe staples. And if you already own a solid, dark gray suit, those pants will do just fine.

The Shirt: Lands End Tailored Fit Spread Collar No Iron Supima Pinpoint Dress Shirt in White $29.97 w/ SLICK ($59.95).Or, whatever your preferred crisp white dress shirt happens to be.

The Shoes: Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue Cap-Toe Oxford in Black $245 ($395).A band can only have one lead singer. Thats the (overly simplistic) reason why the Beatles broke up. As for your shoes (and the rest of your outfit), they shouldnt be competing with your jacket. And these are about as subtle (and quality) as you can get. Especially for the super-marked down holiday sale price.

The Socks: Brooks Brothers Merino Wool Ribbed Over-the-Calf Socks in Grey $22.05 ($24.50).Pricey when not on sale, but simply the best (cue the music). And if you cant wait for them to go on sale? Again, Nordstrom.

The Belt: Nordstrom Reversible Leather Belt $49.50.A classic dress belt. But this one is also brown when you want it to be.

The Tie: The Tie Bar Solid Satin Bow Tie in Black $22. The most reliable option for low-priced and quality ties. If you want another brand, go for it. Just make sure its not pre-tied (unless youre age seven or younger).

The Pocket Square: The Tie Bar White Cotton with Hunter Border Pocket Square $10.No need to overthink this. A little super subtle contrast will go a long way here.

The Gloves: J. Crew Leather Gloves with Wool-cashmere Lining in Black $49 w/ MONDAY ($98).Skip the ski gloves. Wear something thinner but still warm.

The Topcoat: Spier & Mackay Wool/Cashmere Overcoat in Charcoal, Navy, or Camel $398.Come for their suits and sport coats, stay for their literally everything else. If any company defines affordable luxury these days, its them.

The Scarf: The Tie Bar Burgundy University Village Plaid Scarf $25.They make scarves too? Since the rest of your outfit is solid, your scarf is the right place to add some plaid.

The Watch: No watch (free).Yes, no watch. Its a party, so worry about the time tomorrow (or, you know, check your phone).

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