Sunday at the Studio

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It’s a hot day! My dog and I had a nice stroll around the neighborhood for her morning walk.

She’s now laying in the coolest spot in the house. While I’m outside enjoying the courtyard. Being in my courtyard helps me to be creative.

Here’s a walk around in my courtyard:

Since the inflammation from edema and rheumatoid arthritis is flaring today, it’s a resting day.

The acupuncturist told me to drink water with mint leaves and cucumbers during these hot humid days to release the fluid.

Mint and Cucumber Recipe:

  • A few mint leaves
  • A few slices of cucumbers
  • Glass of water with ice cubes

Below is the mint plant on my outside bistro table.

Today, I’ll work on knitting the scarf and maybe will spend time in the studio painting. My legs and feet are swollen so it will be determined how I feel if I sit at the art table.

Etsy store is open…4pawsartstudio

Happy day