Sunday August 8, 2022 Scott Hogan & Christina Iverson

Theme: "Al-addin'" - Al is added to each familiar phrase.

23. Extremely harsh bubbly?: BRUTAL CHAMPAGNE. Brut champion.

35. Enjoy a long career as a telegraph operator?: SIGNAL ONE'S LIFE AWAY. Sign one's life away.

56. To catch some rays or to sleep every day until noon, e.g.?: GOAL ON VACATION. Go on vacation.

65. Income from Birkenstock investments?: SANDAL DOLLARS. Sand dollars.

79. Chef's job?: MEAL GENERATION. Me generation.

92. Trying a new brand of ointment?: CHANGING THE TOPICAL. Changing the topic.

113. Annual gala held on April 15?: INCOME TAX FORMAL. Income tax form.

Scott and Christina might not have the dash in "Al-addin" for their original title. Patti might feel it's needed as some solvers might miss it. 

Tight and consistent set. Five first word changes, two last word changes. AL is always added to the end. Some straying ALs, but they result in some excellent entries.   

Congrats on your LAT debut, Scott!


1. Blast that may invert an umbrella: GUST. Fresh clue angle! And 5. Float on the breeze: WAFT.

9. Soft "Hey, you!": PSST.

13. Golf course rentals: CARTS.

18. To no __: fruitlessly: AVAIL.

20. Actress Fisher who writes the "Marge in Charge" kids' books: ISLA.

21. Raise: REAR.

22. Mythical hunter: ORION.

26. Gossipy sort: YENTA.

27. Terse: LACONIC.

28. Sandra's "Speed" co-star: KEANU.

29. Toy on display, say: SHOW DOG.

31. __ contact: EYE. In Korea, it's rude to make eye contact with your elders or bosses when they scold you. Same in China.

32. "SNL" alum Gasteyer: ANA.

33. Sprain soother: ICE.

34. __ noire: BETE.

43. First, second, or third place: BASE. I had difficulty lifting Boomer from his chair on Friday. When I finally did, I said "We're a great team!" He said he's the shortstop because he makes all the plays. I'm the pitcher because I give home runs.

46. Kick off: START.

47. Nonetheless: YET.

48. Place for a stud: LOBE.

49. Italian fashion giant: ARMANI. At least, they're not so logo-y.

52. Minute Maid brand: HI C.

53. "Mice love it to death" brand: D CON.

55. "Hey-o!": HOLLA.

59. Deliberate: CONFER.

60. Yukon automaker: GMC.

61. Target Field player: TWIN. Everyone likes Byron Buxton.

62. "Barefoot Contessa" host Garten: INA.

63. Cast a ballot: VOTE.

64. Chatter: YAK.

69. __ deco: ART.

72. Item often adorned with feathers: LURE. And 73. Item often adorned with feathers: BOA.

74. "It makes sense now": I SEE. 76. "Word on the street is ... ": I HEARD.

75. Apt name for a lawn care expert: MOE. Mow. Chairman at our Crossword Corner.

83. Dull, in a way: MATTE.

84. Salsa option: MILD. And 72. Salsa, for one: LATIN DANCE.

85. Fútbol cheer: OLE.

86. Angioplasty implants: STENTS.

87. Italian wine region: ASTI.

88. Triumphed: WON.

89. Entire range: GAMUT. Always run.

91. Misplace: LOSE.

98. Bilingual cartoon explorer: DORA. The Explorer.

99. Become unsafe to eat: ROT.

100. Tarnish: MAR.

101. Umami source, briefly: MSG. It's in shio kombu. Tasty.

104. Intimate __: APPAREL.

107. Utterly unskilled: INEPT.

110. Graffiti tag seen in Springfield: EL BARTO.

112. __ shot: SLING.

116. For this reason: HENCE.

117. Commotion: STIR. And 118. Left dreamland: WOKE.

119. Christopher of "Superman": REEVE.

120. Makes less strict: EASES.

121. Enlightened sounds: AHAS.

122. Places to feel kneaded?: SPAS. Ha.

123. Flower holder: STEM.


1. Iowa wrestling legend Dan: GABLE. Learning moment for me.

2. Sunlamp danger, briefly: UV RAY.

3. Hollandaise, e.g.: SAUCE.

4. Bandleader Puente: TITO.

5. Book of Shadows readers: WICCANS. From Wikipedia: A Book of Shadows is a book containing religious text and instructions for magical rituals found within the Neopagan religion of Wicca.

6. Louisville Slugger wood: ASH.

7. Criticism: FLAK.

8. Far from daring: TAME.

9. Ride proudly: PRANCE.

10. Fluid transitions: SEGUES.

11. __ Antonio: SAN.

12. "Fantastique!": TRES BIEN! And another great fill: 14. "Anyone else around?": ARE WE ALONE.

13. South Dakota's state animal: COYOTE.

15. Marmalade chunk: RIND. I never had marmalade.

16. "Rosanna" band: TOTO.

17. Catch: SNAG.

19. Maui neighbor: LANAI.

24. CNN's "This Is Life With Lisa __": LING. Sister of Laura Ling.

25. Put on a coat: PAINT.

30. Weight: HEFT.

35. Special ops acronym: SEAL. Jacko here.

36. Within reach: AT HAND.

37. Non-clerical: LAIC.

38. Porpoise kin: ORCA. 96. 38-Down offspring: CALF.

39. Rhône city: LYON.

40. Scarf (down): WOLF.

41. Willing partner: ABLE.

42. Banner __: YEAR.

43. Like some pants: BAGGY. Like this pair.

44. Enticing smell: AROMA.

45. Loud slap: SMACK.

50. On the fence: NOT SURE. I'm still stuck into the skinny jeans era.

51. Toward the center: INWARD.

53. Bedrock pet: DINO.

54. Beehive oven input: COAL.

55. Stressful spot: HOT SEAT. We had a stressful week. Thanks to those who have called or emailed to help us.

57. Hollywood crosser: VINE.

58. __ pool: TIDAL.

59. Apple gadgets: CORERS. Real apple. Then 76. Apple that comes in seven colors: IMAC.

63. See 79-Down: VASE. 79. With 63-Down, priceless porcelain piece: MING.

66. Genesis brother: ABEL.

67. Laundry basket measure: LOAD.

68. Roster submitted to an umpire: LINEUP.

69. __ acid: AMINO.

70. Turnips and parsnips: ROOTS. My favorite root: daikon.

71. On edge: TENSE.

77. Leftovers dish: HASH.

78. "At Last" singer James: ETTA.

80. Nanny __: GOAT.

81. Muppet host of "The Not-Too-Late Show": ELMO.

82. Giveaway at the poker table: TELL.

84. Painting that reportedly has its own Louvre mailbox: MONA LISA. Makes sense.

88. Hidden mic: WIRE.

89. "Don't let those people escape!": GET 'EM.

90. Durable watches: TIMEXES.

93. Ravines: GORGES.

94. "Lucifer" actress Helfer: TRICIA.

95. Accolades: HONORS.

97. Shady place: ARBOR.

101. Mascot Hall of Fame inductee from Queens: MR MET. I did not know there's a Mascot Hall of Fame. Wikipedia says "It was founded by David Raymond, who was the original Phillie Phanatic from 1978 to 1993." Our T.C. Bear is not there.

102. Fend (off): STAVE.

103. Clay creature of Jewish folklore: GOLEM.

104. Tennis legend Arthur: ASHE.

105. Courtroom entry: PLEA.

106. ATM codes: PINS.

108. Church supporters?: PEWS. Another fun clue. We left the church earlier last Saturday as Boomer experienced nausea.

109. Mostly removable roof: T TOP.

111. Mars counterpart: ARES.

114. To the __ degree: NTH.

115. Handle letters?: AKA.

Boomer completed his OT sessions on Wednesday. Tomorrow we're going to the big VA for one more blood draw and meeting with his oncologist to see if the new oral chemo is working. Boomer will also receive a bone strengthener injection.