Taksim Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The main prayer hall at Taksim Mosque, Istanbul.

Istanbul is a huge city with thousands of mosques, many of which were built over 500 years ago. Today, more modern mosques have been constructed around the city. Taksim Mosque is among the newest. 

Located in Taksim Square, the mosque was officially opened to the public and worshippers at the beginning of 2021. The mosque is open to the public and non-Muslims are welcome to visit. As with any mosque, the etiquette is to take off your shoes and to make sure you're not wearing shorts or mini-skirts. Women have to cover their heads with a scarf

The interior of Taksim Mosque is decorated in shades of brown and beige and the 108-foot (33 meters) dome is stunning. Although it feels like a small mosque, it has a capacity of 3,000.

Taksim Square is one of the main areas in Central Istanbul. Surrounded by hotels, shops, restaurants, and a central transport hub, it is a popular place for locals to hang out in the late afternoon and early evening.