Texture Talk: The Best Nighttime Accessories for Curly Hair

No days off. It’s a motto that rings true for many, from professional athletes to honour roll students and entrepreneurs. It’s also the case for those of us with curly hair. It’s no secret that maintaining healthy, curly hair is indeed a time-consuming, full-time job, and neglecting your curls for even a single day can have less-than-ideal consequences.

And yes, this is still the case when you’re asleep. Catering to and protecting curly hair and protective styles at night is an essential part of keeping your hair hydrated and healthy. The friction between your head and your pillow creates the perfect ecosystem for snags, knots and tangles — all of which can be avoided by using the right hair covering.

Whether you’re wearing your hair in a bun, in locs or lush and free, we’ve rounded up the best nighttime accessories for curly hair that will help maintain your curls well into the night and give you frizz-free hair the next day.

Silk bonnets

Chances are if you have textured hair you have a bonnet sitting on your bedside table somewhere. If you don’t, here’s why you should get one. Not only do silk and satin bonnets help to make your hair styles look fresher for longer, but they actually help to lock in moisture. As an added bonus, they happen to be beautiful, too. Available in a variety of different sizes and gorgeous prints and colours, they can also help add a pop of colour to your bedtime outfit.

Tikka Bonnet, $30, CeeCee’s Closet
Kumina Queen Bonnet, $25, Peace Crown’d

Satin pillowcases

Depending on the way that you’ve styled your hair, protecting it with a satin bonnet or scarf may just not be practical. Enter: silk or satin pillowcases. Similar to bonnets made of the same materials, these pillowcases can help reduce frizz and retain moisture. Traditional cotton pillowcase will actually absorb the moisture in your hair, leaving it much drier in the morning than it was when you went to sleep. Even worse, the friction caused between your hair and cotton pillowcases can cause snags, tangles and every curly girl’s worst nightmare — the one strand knot. Still not convinced? An added bonus is that not only are satin pillowcases great for your hair, but they’re also beneficial to your skin as well. Not only can a lack of friction between your head and the pillow prevent breakage, but it also helps to prevent fine lines on your face. It’s a win-win situation.

SLIP Pure Silk Pillowcase_$119
Pure Silk Pillowcase by SLIP, $119, Nordstrom

Silk scarf

Noticed a trend yet? Silk and satin are must-have nighttime accessories for curly hair. Like a silk bonnet or pillowcase, silk scarves can also help to prevent your hair from losing moisture and breakage. One added benefit of the scarf, however, is its ability to keep your edges intact, too.

St. Maarten Charmeuse Satin Wrap Glow by Daye
St. Maarten Pre-Folded Charmeuse LuxStretch Satin Scarf, $25, Glow by Daye

Silk hair ties

Whether you have kinky curls or beachy waves, one thing we all want to do before going to sleep is make sure that our hair is out of our face. But many of the hair ties we use — especially the ones with the metal clasps holding them together — can also cause breakage, especially for those of us with fragile curls and coils. Not to mention those annoying creases they leave after hours of being in your hair. Using a silk or satin hair tie can help to minimize that creasing from happening and prevent your curls and coils from snagging.

SLIP Pure Silk 6-Pack Skinny Hair Ties_$53 (1)
Slip Pure Silk 6-Pack Skinny Hair Ties, $53, Nordstrom


Like other nighttime accessories for curly hair, durags are a great way to help hair retain moisture. Their primary use is to prevent coils and curls from darting upwards and can assist in creating coveted waves. They are especially helpful in maintaining protective styles like braids and twists and keeping them frizz-free, thanks to their ability to secure hair in place. Available in an endless variety of finishes and colours and popular among men and women, durags are a versatile and practical staple.

Coal Durag - SLK
Coal Durag, $35, Slk World

Bonnets for locs and longer protective styles

There are few hairstyles that display the beauty and resilience of textured hair the way that dreadlocks do. However, as they grow in length, they can become increasingly difficult to protect at night. Similar struggles can befall those wearing long braids and faux locs, among a variety of other styles. Many bonnets, like this one from Lily Silk, have extra material so that you can fit all of your hair into them without folding or fear of it popping out at night, thanks to the elastic band which provides extra security.

lily silk bonnet
Elegant Night Silk Bonnet, $45, Lily Silk

Silk hair wrap

These hair wraps (or turbans) have become increasingly popular for wear, both at night and during the day. They allow you to protect your hair with maximum moisture retention and minimal effort.

SILKE Hair Wrap - Esme
Esme Hair Wrap, $86, Silke London

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