The 10 Best Bandanas for Men To Rock

Some may associate the bandana as an accessory with pirates and bikers but in the world of fashion, it’s a classic and timeless choice more affiliated with rock-n-roll and cool factor. There are multiple ways to wear them, which we will address later in this article after you’ve ordered your new favorites.

Best Buy

1. Destin Bandana

Destin Bandana


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This Italian-made bandana print scarf comes in classic black and red as well as navy, pink, and yellow. It’s 100% cotton so to avoid shrinkage make sure to include it in with the rest of your dry-cleaning. It has a straight hem and is one size fits all.


2. Acne Studios Paisley-Print Square Bandana

Acne Studios Paisley-Print Square Bandana


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Who doesn’t enjoy the added softness of a cotton-silk blend? Available in red and black, this square bandana with a paisley pattern and whipstitch trim is the perfect finishing touch to almost any look. Whether you wear it around your neck or your wrist, this luxurious bandana from Acne Studios is sure to be a go-to investment accessory that you will have for years to come.


3. Levi’s 100% Cotton Multi-Purpose Bandana

Levi’s 100% Cotton Multi-Purpose Bandana


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The iconic Levi’s brand is tried and true when it comes to Americana and their two, three, and six-packs of multi-colored bandanas are no exception. Besides the colorways you expect of red, white, blue, and black, there are fashion color options as well – lime, pink, orange, and turquoise to name a few. They are 100% cotton and can be washed by hand (a nice alternative to dry cleaning) and with prices varying from $9.32 (direct quote) to $25, you can own as many colors as you wish!


4. Urban Outfitters Floral Print Bandana

Urban Outfitters Floral Print Bandana


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Looking to jazz up your bandana game from the typical paisley pattern but not too sure if you can pull off a floral print? Urban Outfitters have you covered with these two color options of navy or maroon – you can’t lose. Worse comes to worst and you discover that floral is too much for you, perhaps you can wear it on your wrist, tie it on a bag, or around the neck of your favorite furry friend. It’s also 100% cotton in the classic square silhouette. 


5. Everlane Cashmere Bandana

Everlane Cashmere Bandana


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Everlane is upping the ante with cashmere bandana’s in three colors: black, grey, and camel. They are super soft, super cozy, super lightweight, and super affordable. Each bandana is 100% cashmere and can be dry cleaned or machine washed cold. The raw hem adds character whether you wear it to work or to a nighttime summer bonfire on the beach.



6. Supreme Black Ark Bandana

Supreme Black Ark Bandana


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If streetwear is your fashion style then you’re more than familiar with the brand Supreme. The Black Ark bandana is bright yellow in 100% cotton with graffiti-style black lettering, making it the perfect pop of color to add to any streetwear style look, with its square shape and finished hem.  


7. Buck Mason Built-Tough Bandana

Buck Mason Built-Tough Bandana


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This two-pack set is more your scene if you’re looking for solid neutral color bandanas. Since there is no pattern they pair with everything. Each two-pack contains woven bandanas with long-staple, 40s single, 100% cotton yarn for a soft touch and a lifetime of durability. They are piece-dyed and may start out a little stiff, but get softer every time you wear and wash them.


8. Carolina Mfg. Batik Bandana

Carolina Mfg. Batik Bandana


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The hand-waxed batik technique creates individual designs that are each as unique as the man wearing it. The bright colors make sure you can be seen whether you’re hiking, at dinner, or at a festival. This 22” x 22”, 100% cotton bandana fits easily in your pocket and around your neck. With three colors to choose from and a price point of $6, you might as well buy all three.


9. United By Blue Herd Horizon Bandana

United By Blue Herd Horizon Bandana


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If you like to do good for the environment with your purchases then buy ALL of these. For every product sold, United by Blue removes a pound of trash from our oceans and waterways. This tan and navy buffalo printed bandana is a win-win. At 100% organic cotton, dry clean or machine wash on cold and air dry for maximum life expectancy.


10. Bandits Such Is Life Bandana

Bandits Such Is Life Bandana


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Bandits paired up with Australian artist Faye Pannell whose inspiration for the design is her “interpretation of an outlaw’s life in the bush” and the laid-back attitude of what it means to be an “Aussie.” Made from 100% organic cotton sustainably sourced in India, these bandanas are pre-washed for extra softness. Each bandana is printed, cut, and sewn by hand.


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