The Best Gifts for New Moms

Spoiler alert: A newborn doesn’t count as a notable first Mother’s Day gift. Or a birthday gift, for that matter. Sorry. And while flowers are a fine start, your partner didn’t just endure a long pregnancy (or long adoption process) and ensuing weeks of sleepless nights for a bouquet of garbage carnations or even worse, a stuffed animal or skanky shower gel you grabbed at the drugstore. The best gifts for new moms declare that while you’ll never be close to understanding what she went through, you at least have decent taste, and actually put some thought into what you bought her.

So while we can’t claim to have seen every single product new moms would want, our picks will make her life easier, help her feel appreciated, or simply, and equally important, allow her to unwind. And while we’re at it, don’t get her swings or carriers for the baby. It’s not romantic. It’s not original. And it’s what you get at that thing called a shower.

No, she doesn't have time to tie her shoelaces. So do her a solid and get her these slip-ons, which are not only breathable, but they're also machine-washable, and conform to the shape of her foot.

Not every bag has to be a diaper bag. Not even close. Thanks to its reinforced strap construction, this wipe-clean bag ideal for toting around everything she needs on hand. It has ample interior pockets to store snacks, shoes and multiple wardrobe changes. And there's a central zip divider with a mesh top to air out sweaty clothes, or any other detritus that accumulates as part of life.

The pearl is a symbol of perfection, which sums up the appeal of these earrings. And each pearl is unique. Exactly like her, wouldn't you say? These earrings feature two 3mm genuine freshwater pearls set in 14 karat gold. It's a keepsake she'll wear all day every day.

Clean beauty doesn't mean anything, and it isn't regulated. So you really have to know brands and read the ingredients. Evereden uses ingredients you actually recognize, including avocado, oat, and pear in its luxe serum, formulated to help keep skin soft and supple. As for the belly mask, it reduce the appearance of stretch marks with the help of olive and avocado oils. The brand is transparent about its ingredients, so you know exactly what you're getting. Plus, one of the brand's scientific advisors is a professor of dermatology at Stanford University, so she knows her stuff.

Hatch makes sublime clothing that celebrates pregnant women and new moms. This is the set she'll want once she's home with a newborn. It includes a long-sleeved layering top, a tank top, black leggings, and a black T-shirt. She'll feel put-together and confident, without having to worry about what she's wearing.

Look, we get it. Baby books are ... hokey is putting it kindly. But at the same time, things go fast and she'll forget that first smile, the first tooth, the first crawl. Yes, it happens. This regal keepsake box is a wonderful way to store those memories, from the first sonogram to the favorite lovie. It has acid-free drawers, vertical files for documents, and mini envelopes for that first lock of hair or first tooth, plus illustrated labels help you organize and then find these items years later. We didn't do it. And we so wish we had.

How's this for clever: A scarf that turns into a wrap, cardigan, or infinity scarf for nursing. It's made of stretchy, soft fabric, and has snaps at either end for a customized look and fit.

Speaking of keepsakes and photos, they go right on this thoughtful ledge, without a need for frames. It's made from reclaimed wood and has a thin groove that fits prints of things that inspire her.

This work-of-art ceramic essential oil diffuser has a run time of four or eight hours, and an optional LED light that emits a candle-like glow. In other words, it's relaxing, beautiful, and so, so soothing. And it sends just the right mood.

By now, the whole notion of WFH attire has become something of a joke. But this dress is the exception. It's made from super-soft cotton, this can be worn to nap (as the name indicates) but is chic enough to head to a ZOOM meeting or outdoors as well. It's slip-on, universally flattering, and comes in a bunch of different patterns and colors. Most are limited runs.

Because the absolute last thing she should worry about is her hair: This on-point headband is made by hand, in New York City, from luxe velvet and is also lined in silk to keep her hair shiny and under control. It comes in different colors, so pick her favorite one and she'll thank you.

Give her a letter that has meaning behind it, made of 14 karat gold, in allegro script font. It's one of those gifts that will always be close to her heart, literally and figuratively.

Sure, she needs a diaper bag, but this is not it. In fact this bag is the epitome of understated function. It fits her phone, keys, wallet, and hand sanitizer, is made of soft Italian leather, and can be worn as a crossbody, over the shoulder, around the waist as a belt bag, or held as a clutch. And all this from a brand that's been at the forefront of ethical fashion and is a certified B corporation, which means it balances purpose and profit.

Perhaps you're noticing a theme here: Sleep. New moms need sleep. And while weighted blankets have no proven therapeutic value, they do make you feel cozier. This one in particular is breathable, beautiful and made from long-staple GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Because designer Chan Luu handcrafts each piece, each one is original. Just like your better half. In this case, she'll get earrings that add a dash of sparkle and light to her day. Citrine, turquoise, lolite, and pink tourmaline are just a few of the gems that dangle from gold-plated crescent moon silhouette hoops.

A dry brush elevates her shower experience. Simply put, it gets the blood flowing, wakes her up, and energizes her. Something any new mom appreciates.

Give her a piece of your heart. OK, fine, it sounds hokey, but the sentiment is legit. Plus, each of the hearts within the frame is hand forged and cut, so each is different. The frame itself fits a 4x6 photo.

No mom gets sick of having too many family photos. But most moms don't have the time to curate them. Do it for her. Personalize this print with 30 meaningful snaps, choose the frame, and she has something that will always bring her joy.

Ask any mom what she needs, and she'll tell you: Mom clothes that don't look like mom clothes. It's a fact. And this dress fits the bill. It's made from blended pima cotton and lyocell; it flows beautifully; and it hits just below the knee. It's an essential staple and has a smooth, flowing cut.

The fourth trimester is when she's already had the baby, but doesn't feel remotely like her former self. So get her something that makes her feel just that bit more refined. This sweet pointelle pajama is made of soft cotton and she can pull the top down to nurse. And it's sleek enough to wear all day.

If you're sensing a cashmere theme here, you're not wrong. It's the kind of thing she'd never buy herself. These slippers feel like a foot massage, and she wear them all day, or even if you happen to have family over.

Coffee makes the world go 'round. For new moms especially. This 3.5 ounce beauty is wheel-thrown in Vermont and makes every cup of espresso look and taste that much better.

There's nothing more decadent than a cashmere robe. Except maybe cashmere slippers. She can wear it all year, and every time she puts it on, she's swathed in the fabric equivalent of love.

So this is coming at you from a mom who hates protein bars but always forgets to eat. These are not protein bars. They look like them, sure. But they taste like real food. That's because they're perishable and have a really nice texture and are just flavor bombs. They belong in your fridge, and they're a great snack when mom is hungry and needs to eat, fast, while holding a baby.

Chocolate. Repeat: Chocolate. You can go the ultra-fancy route, or you can get a selection of six yummy bars from this brand, which works directly with the farmers to get top-quality, fair trade beans. The brand was founded in 2005 in Seattle, and its chocolates are as accessible as they are satisfying.

Thick and luxe, Everlane's top has a classic crew neckline, dropped shoulders, voluminous sleeves, and a relaxed fit. It's made of French terry. Trust us on this: She'll want to wear this 24/7, especially if you get the matching bottoms.

Listen, there's no better gift than sleep. But you can't fall asleep for her. So do whatever you can to make her sleep that much better with this superb pillow. It has an adjustable fill, contained within an inner organic jersey cotton liner. The pillow is vegan, and the structure is provided by GOLS organic-certified latex rubber foam ribbon. The cover is made from organic cotton. It's all a fancy way of saying it's cooling and really, really comfortable and works in every sleep position.

Sometimes it's truly the little luxuries that make the biggest difference. Take this cashmere pillow, filled with the heady and elevating scents of lavender and chamomile. The slightly weighted eye blanket, meanwhile, ever so gently gets at her acupressure points with this cashmere facial pillow to help her get the most out of a power nap.

We had the gift set above but in case you prefer to go a la carte: This is a gorgeous oil formulated from 13 nutrient-rich botanical actives, including marula and rosehip, this one softens her skin and makes her feel all glowy. This specific brand was developed especially for moms to be.

A belly mask like this one, made from superfood extracts, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It's fragrance-free, because pregnant ladies have a very sensitive nose. Instead of chemicals, this brand relies on avocado and sesame seed oils.

This isn't the sexist gift she'll get. But it's one she'll absolutely adore, especially if she's into reading (and sleeping). She wakes up to a custom sunrise, set to her specifications. She dozes off to soothings sounds. And she loses herself in a good book thanks to a soft-glow reading light without the eye-straining blue hues.

Look, we're not going to claim that face rollers make anyone look younger or dewier or less tired. But they do feel absolutely wonderful when rolled against the face, especially when they've been in the fridge. This face roller is made of real rose quartz and is deliciously cool against her skin. It's an instant wake-up and the kind of small treat any tired mom appreciates.

Silk pillowcases are cooling, with the added bonus that she won't wake up with sleep marks on her face. Here's the vegan version, made from soft and breathable polyester charmeuse. It's like silk, but without the use of animal products.

The weather is a fickle thing. Make sure she's prepared for anything with this perfectly slouchy trench. It has double-breasted buttons, an exaggerated collar, side pockets, and a gently oversized fit. And it's lightweight enough that she can wear it during all four seasons.

Postpartum recovery, but make it elegant. She's tending to the baby. So tend to her with this much-appreciated and prettily packaged set of overnight pads, long liners, wipes, organic cotton water wipes, and a collagen overnight sheet mask. All made without harsh chemicals. It's practical and so so thoughtful.

Not only is this color-blocked wool and cashmere scarf an instant mood lifter. But it's oversized, so she can throw it around her shoulders when she's cold, or use it as a cover-up while nursing.

Candles and babies don't mix, for very obvious reasons. And LED candles are, for the most part, utterly tacky things you buy at CVS for Halloween or Christmas. This is the exception. It's intimate and romantic, and has a rechargeable lithium battery. It looks like something you'd find in a Parisian boudoir, and she can light it when she wants some downtime.

These sheets get softer with use. But most of all, the hemp linen sheets are gloriously, wonderfully cooling. Which will help her wake up a teeny bit refreshed. With a newborn, every bit helps.

This unique 14k yellow gold vermeil necklace honors Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Need we say more?

A brand that prides itself on using only active and clean ingredients also makes some of the finest face masks you can buy. Not only is the packaging oh so appealing, but this set of four masks targets any concerns she might have. There's a mask for radiance, a mask for detox, a mask for repairing skin, and a mask loaded with antioxidants. All without butylene/benzyl, propylene gycols, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, silicons, triclosan, oxybenzone, and paraffins.

Jennifer Meyer's exquisite necklaces and earrings have been worn by just about any famous person you can name. But the standout feature is the level of craftsmanship. This necklace, made from 18 karat gold, has an understated nameplate that pays simple tribute to motherhood.

The absolute last thing she'll want to wear is anything fitted. Which is one of the many reasons she'll dig this perfectly roomy sweatshirt. The fabric is breathable, the cut is flattering, and the colors are vibrant.

If she loves cookies, get her the best damn cookies out there. You cannot beat Milk Bar's beloved Compost cookies. This set includes those, as well as B’Day Cake truffles, corn cookies, blueberry and cream cookies, chocolate chocolate cookies, and cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookies.

The tulip is a symbol of flawless and deep love. So surprise her with a subscription to the freshest tulips in all the land, a different one each month sourced straight from growers. Go with the monthly option and every 30 days, she'll remember how much you appreciate her.

For new moms, shower time is sacred. It's most likely the only five minutes she'll get alone day. And when she steps out of the shower onto this handcrafted Japanese hinoki cypress bath mat and gets it wet, it releases a scent that's both captivating and calming. So she'll carry her shower zen with her for a few extra minutes.

A beautiful wood bathtub caddy with slots for everything she needs for the rare time she has to just shut out the world, plus expandable handles to fit most standard tubs. It's made of bamboo and has room for a book or tablet, wine glasses, and spa accessories.

Complete her shower ritual with this truly amazing bath oil; she just massage a capful on her body. Rosemary, ginger, and black pepper give her tired limbs an instant wake up.

It's fitting that this brand's founder cooked up her first product in her kitchen while pregnant with her first child. This set is all about taking care of her body: It includes a sun body gel, an earth body cream, and a moon body lotion. The formulas are centered around essential oils and plant extracts.

This isn't the same janky, skanky incense you burned in college. Not even close. This set of 20 incense sticks will rest her weary mind thanks to its blend of rose, geranium, and shiso leaf. Of course it will, given that it was created by woman-run incense house on Japan’s incense island.

Not only does this headband help her with guided meditation. But the new version also doubles as a sleep aid, responding in real-time her brain activity, heart rate, breathing patterns, and body movement. Plus, it works as a sleep tracker and helps her get better shut-eye.

Anything that makes her comfortable while making her life easier is a win-win. These keep her feet cozy sure, but when the weather warms up, she can pop them in the freezer and they'll cool her off. The sueded bottom provides traction and stability.

No, a candle or a bubble bath won't make her worries go away. But for a just a minute or seven, she might forget about them. This set helps that happen: It includes the hydrating body lotion, bubble bath, candle, and a charcoal eye mask. You choose whatever scent you think she'd love best, and she'll get the corresponding products. We might suggest Loved, with calming and refreshing notes of bergamot, coconut, and rose. This, from a brand that makes all its products domestically with a focus on sustainability.

Not only does this ball look like a work of art, but it also activates back and core support muscles which promotes good posture. Meaning, it'll give her back a break after toting the kid around. You can choose from a slew of colors. And because most new moms don't have time to go to yoga classes, she can get a nice stretch at home. Just note, this does need to be inflated.

Nothing says I love you like a box of chocolates. And we don't mean one you grab from your local CVS. These confections are next level; each box contains truffles, ganaches, and orangettes, among others, dreamed up by French chef Nicolas Cloiseau. She won't regret a single bite.

Toting a baby around is a workout. One that kicks your ass and your back. Help banish those knots with this back and neck massager. It features four massage nodes to sooth tired muscles and has a built-in heat function for added stress release. It's lightweight and portable, so she can use it anytime.

Start her mornings off right with this smart coffee mug. It keeps her java hot for up to one hour on a single charge. Plus, she can choose the specific temperature she prefers.

Indoor herb gardens are fantastic for growing basil or oregano. But if she unwinds by getting her hands dirty, give her the tools without having to leave the house. These beautiful powder-coated steel frames mount easily on your wall and feature a high-powered LED grow light that emits a glow so that her plants will thrive. Because she's sort of busy with a newborn, she can automate things as well.

Yet another thing she won't have time for: Foot care. So make it easy on her with these overnight hydrating socks. Each one is lined with a soft gel that softens her digits while she sleeps.

We'll refrain from any cold feet jokes, but all kidding aside, this smart little foot warmer stays on for eight hours, and has automatic shutoff. It's portable and fits anywhere she sits and where her toes need a little coziness.

Classic and timeless, these pajamas are great for hanging around and watching a movie (as if she'll have time, but dare to dream). And the button-down front is ideal for nursing mothers. This set doesn't stretch out or fade, no matter how often she washes it.

Look, we're not fans of giving any mom baby gear as a gift. It's why they invented registries. That being said, this is one of the very few exceptions. Because if she loves being active, this frees her up to do stuff. And you can't slap a price tag on that. The stroller attaches to her bike, fits a child from birth (with a separate sling) up to 75 pounds, and lets her feel the breeze in her hair as she goes on long rides.

Because no one needs the George Costanza of diaper bags. This handy little hip bag fits everything she needs, with none of the bulk. It has a built-in waterproof pocket that holds 20+ wipes, a detachable changing pad, slots for credit cards, and a pacifier hook.

A quietly beautiful sterling silver cuff bracelet that showcases your commitment, not that she needs proof or anything. It has a threaded screw closure, so she'll likely need your help putting it on.

So yes, this isn't cheap. But you get what you pay for: In this case, all the Erbaviva products are made by hand at the company’s LA-based renewable energy-powered facility, and most of brand's products have the USDA Organic certification. So you know what you're getting is good stuff. This luxe kit includes treats for mom and baby, including baby soap, tummy rub, bath essence, body shampoo, and diaper cream. Sure, the bathing products are billed as being for the infant, but she can and should use them herself. They're that good.

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