The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton looked stunning in bright blue for the first day of her royal tour of Pakistan with Prince William on Tuesday (15 October) morning.

Kate chose a traditional kurta – a loose, collarless shirt – with striking white embroidery for the occasion. She teamed the piece with matching trousers and a scarf, all created by the Pakistani designer Maheen Khan.

For their first visit of the day to a school in central Islamabad, Kate paired her outfit with nude block heels.
On the first full day of #Royalvisitpakistan the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the Margallah hills just outside Islamabad

— Chris Jackson (@ChrisJack_Getty) October 15, 2019


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On the first full day of their visit to Pakistan, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first engagements in Islamabad championed the importance of quality education, and highlighted how girls benefit from pursuing higher education and professional careers. At Islamabad Model College for Girls, The Duke and Duchess heard how students are benefiting from the ‘Teach for Pakistan’ programme. @TeachforPakistan is a fast-track training programme modelled on the successful @TeachFirstUK scheme, which is focused on improving the quality of teaching in schools which serve families from disadvantaged backgrounds. Carrying on the theme of education, The Duke and Duchess visited the Margalla Hills, which sit in the foothills of the Himalayas. There, they joined children from four local schools for activities taking part in activities designed to educate young people on environmental protection and wildlife conservation. This included helping the children identify and remove species of plants that are threatening the natural environment, bird watching, and storytelling on local environment issues. Kensington Palace #RoyalVisitPakistan #Pakistan

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The Duchess then switched up her shoes for the couple’s second appearance of the day, a walk in the Margalla Hills National Park, where she and Will joined children from three local schools taking part in a series of activities. For this part of the morning, Kate chose a pair of stylish nude flats.

The royal duo arrived in Pakistan in serious style on Monday (14 October) evening, with the Duchess wearing a modern take on the traditional shalwar kameez, which pairs a loose tunic with trousers.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Pakistan! ‎ڈیوک اور ڈچز آف کیمبرج پاکستان تشریف لا چکے ہیں۔ The Duke and Duchess’s first official visit to the country will pay respect to the historical relationship between Britain and Pakistan, but will largely focus on showcasing Pakistan as it is today — a dynamic, aspirational and forward-looking nation. ‎ڈیوک اور ڈچز آف کیمبرج کا پاکستان کا پہلا شاہی دورہ برطانیہ اور پاکستان کے مابین تاریخی تعلقات کی عزت افزائی ہے، لیکن زیادہ تر توجہ موجودہ دور کے پاکستان بحیثیت ایک متحرک، زندہ و جاوید اور دور اندیش ملک کی ترویج پر ہوگی۔ From the modern leafy capital Islamabad, to the vibrant city of Lahore, the mountainous countryside in the North, and the rugged border regions to the West, the visit will span over 1000km, and will take in Pakistan’s rich culture, its diverse communities, and its beautiful landscapes. ‎شاہی دورہ جدید طرز پر تعمیر شدہ سر سبز دارالحکومت اسلام آباد سے زندہ دلوں کے شہر لاہور، عظیم پہاڑی سلسلوں پر مشتمل شمالی علاقہ جات اور مغرب کی جانب ناہموار سرحدی علاقوں تک ہزار کلو میٹر سے زائد سفر پر مشتمل ہوگا۔‪ ‬اس دوران پاکستان کی بھرپور ثقافت، مختلف ثقافتوں پر مشتمل آبادیوں اور اس کے خوبصورت مناظر سے آگاہی اور لطف اندوز ہونے کا موقع ملے گا۔ Kensington Palace #RoyalVisitPakistan #pakistan

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Islamabad! The couple have begun their first official visit to Pakistan. #RoyalVisitPakistan

— The Royal Family (@RoyalFamily) October 14, 2019

We can’t wait to see what Kate wears next!

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