The Friday Bulletin December 20th, 2019

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Winter is here and my scarves and gloves have appeared in the coat closet. I am often held up getting out the door because I am fussing with how to arrange my winter scarf. I found a You Tube video to help! She uses scarves of different materials, lengths and widths, so it is very instructive. 15 Ways To Tie A Scarf.

Silversneakers and cupcake holders

Is nothing sacred? If you want to be kind to the environment it is recommended that you choose cookies over cupcakes when going for a sweet. I LOVE cupcakes!! The paper or foil baking cups we all use because they are decorative and make it easier to get the cupcakes out of the pan create methane in landfills. I want to be kind to the environment and still bake cupcakes, so I use these reusable silicone cupcake baking cups. A pack of 12 are $7.99.

Silversneakers and spinnies, what a look

Can you picture someone talking to you, with their sunglasses in one hand, spinning them around between their thumb and index finger as they talk? Many people do this as a fidget. Jimmy Fallon has created Spinnies and is selling them through Warby Parker. A Spinnie is a pair of sunglasses that spin at the temple. They only come in a black matte finish at this point and are available for both men and women. The best part 100% of profits goes to Pupils Project, Warby Parkers non-profit program which offers free vision screenings, eye exams and glasses to school children in the U.S. Spinnies are available at Warby Parker and cost $95.00 a pair.

Watch the You Tube of Jimmy announcing Spinnies on The Tonight Show.

silver sneakers gym membership

If you or anyone you know is on Medicare, make sure they know about the SilverSneakers program, a program to encourage those over 65 to participate in physical activities. It is available around the U.S. and membership provides access to any participating gym and fitness facility and includes all amenities included with basic level access. Participants can use weight machines, all aerobic machines and attend exercise classes. Most Medicare members will be covered for this program. I happened to notice a poster about SilverSneakers at my local gym and thought it was useful information to pass along.

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