The Hermès Kellymorphose jewellery collection pays homage to the iconic Kelly bag

With the Kellymorphose fine and high jewellery creations, Hermès pays tribute to one of the most iconic creations in its stable: the Kelly bag.

(Hero image: Hermès Kellymorphose Sacs Bijoux)

Hermès first launched Kellymorphose – inspired by the Kelly bag and the components that make up one of the most coveted fashion accessories in the world – in February last year. Just more than a year later, Bangkok was the first Asian stop for an exclusive exhibition of more than 150 precious creations from the Kellymorphose collection; some from last year’s inventory, but also with many new additions bedazzling the inspiring scenography at a completely transformed venue of Park Hyatt Bangkok.

Kelly Clochette

For Pierre Hardy, Creative Director of Hermès Jewellery, finding inspiration from the Kelly bag – from the bag itself to the clasp and padlock – obviously proved to be an exercise in expressing classic Hermès design codes. “The Kelly bag elevates its functional components: the side straps, and an elemental clasp consisting of a turnlock, a plate and four studs. I do the same with Kelly jewellery, by reinterpreting or disrupting its original lines,” he says. “I like movement – a chain that winds around itself, a ring that splits into two, a keychain that swings as you walk. I like capturing mobility without ever fixing it in place. I like the momentum of the body, which echoes creative momentum.”

Designed by Robert Dumas and named after Hollywood actress turned European royalty (Princess of Monaco) Grace Kelly, who was often photographed wearing it during the 1950s and 60’s, the Kelly bag with its trapezoidal architecture of leather, and featuring two side straps, a clasp, a padlock and a key-holder, soon became a much-loved fashion accessory.

Kelly Gavroche Ring

With Kellymorphose, the intricate craftsmanship of this top-handle bag and its design cues are the inspiration behind jewellery creations like necklaces, bracelets, double rings, belts and earrings crafted in rose gold, white gold and even sterling silver, set with diamonds and precious gemstones – deconstructing the Kelly bag into its most emblematic features and turning them into playful objects of desire. Chains offer multiple ways to style – once round, twice round, in the dip of the décolleté or cascading down the back – featuring diamond-set clasps.

Contemporary jewellery interpretations are manifested in the form of the Alpha Kelly double rings and the Kelly Gavroche necklace, the latter of which is tied to create an illusion of an ethereal scarf; its fluidity a hallmark of the finest jewellery-making know-how.

Kelly Gavroche

Speaking of which, the spectacular Kelly Gavroche necklace is, undoubtedly, the highlight of the collection, originally made of white gold and encrusted with 1,771 diamonds, while the Kelly’s clasp – a recurring motif throughout the collection – is set with baguette-cut diamonds. The latest iteration of the Gavroche necklace, on display at the Bangkok exhibition, was resplendent in a rose gold version with diamond-studded side strap in a seductive knot.

Another signature piece from the collection is the Sac Bijou Kelly in silver – Hardy’s playful take on the bag. Not only can it be worn as a necklace, but this creation can also be opened to house a few items like a credit card, lipstick or Air pods.

Precieux Kelly

Kellymorphose disrupts the functional, elevating simplicity to the point of enchantment; rose gold the colour of dawn, spinels as velvety black as night, white gold as pure as snow, and sparkling diamonds – baguette cut, soft relief and a magical radiance – adding an element of bedazzlement. Just like how the Kelly bag is highly versatile with its numerous colour options, styles and sizes, its bejewelled counterparts of Kellymorphose exemplifies this quality.  The idea is to have the wearer explore multiple styles from varying lengths to pairing with other accessories, and to do so with a flair that is unmistakably French.

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