The Reality of Mum’s Life When Kids are Going Back to School

School holidays are just those times where I totally lose my privacy and freedom.

As much as I love my kids to stay at home, I’d be hypocrite if I won’t admit I’m overly thrilled when school will be starting again.

In between those hectic games, lessons and family get away, I know you’ve got a long to-do list when school starts. Ditto!. Here’s how three hilarious mums celebrate back to school and retrieve their much coveted freedom. Relatable from the first sec up to the last!

Hilarious mums Elle, Meg and Brooke of What’s Up Mums (WUM) know it too well that the moment your kids step out of the house to school that’s when real mum holidays start. It’s like coming out of the game victorious and the freedom’s worth celebrating with all your girlfriends who share the sames whims.

In Back to School, Mom’s Gone Wild video, these mums showed what going out means, like doing errands without the kids, sounds really fun!

Being able to undress yourself from the typical mum wardrobe into wearing a funky shirt with an unMUMsy print #solo or trouble or wearing your little girl’s frilly scarf and picking up your girlfriends, not your kids, to enjoy some no-curfew shopping at Target.


These mums must have strategically planned their itinerary when kids are going back to school . And to think, it does not need to be lavish and fancy just plain Me-time where Mums:

Get a front seat view on your baseball game while munching fresh popcorns
Sleep on the couch without distractions
Make that phone call for long hours
Having to use the toilet for the sake of weeing and not using the diaper changing table for once!
Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

What’s hilarious is when they see a fellow busy mum who’s struggling to push a stroller.

Oh, such a pity!

Celebrate good times before kids get home!

Happy Back To School!

How do you celebrate your freedom, Mums?

Share us your funny Me time moments. 

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