The Top Back-to-School Gear For Virtual, Traditional, Blended, or Homeschool Learning!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Dick's Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.

Getting ready for this school year has been one of the most complicated back-to-school times that I can remember. No matter if you are getting one, three, or six kids prepared to start the school year, we are all trying to figure out the best choice for our families. For most of us the choice is virtual, traditional, blended, or homeschool. After we decide the best way for our children to be educated, the next choice is the best supplies for them!

You have to make the first choice but I'm here to help you with the second choice. We did much of our back-to-school shopping this past weekend, both in store and online, so we could bring you some of the top items we found for this school year! Thankfully you can find all of this gear at Dick's Sporting Goods, either at your local store, online, or even ordering online and using curbside touchless pickup.


Being The Lunchbox Dad, I have to start with lunchboxes of course. I'm always a fan of spending a little more and getting higher quality lunchboxes. Better lunchboxes will last longer and keep your kids food cooler. This Yeti lunchbox really caught my eye. It is definitely for the larger budget, but given Yeti quality, it will keep your child's lunch safe and chilled for the entire day.

This Hydro Flask Lunch Tote was my daughter's favorite so we ordered it for her off of Dick's website. It gets great reviews, is very fashionable, plus it can hold more than just a lunchbox! 

We saw racks of choices in store, but most of those can also be found online. A good plan, if you aren't ordering online, would be to have your kids give you their top few choices before you going to the store and picking it up.

Water Bottles

When it comes to hydration, Hydro Flask leads the way for my daughter and youngest son. They love putting stickers on their water bottles as well as how easy it is to carry around. 

For my middle son, he is all about the Nike water bottles. Honestly he is all about the Nike everything! We have found both of these brands to be fantastic. In fact they have lasted quite awhile for us, but it was time to buy new ones this year. I ultimately recomend going with whatever your kids like best but if you are unsure, you can't go wrong with Hydro Flask or Nike.


It doesn't matter what path you have chosen for your kids this year, they definitely will need shoes! Be warned though, this purchase brings out the most opinions from my kids. My daughter desperately wanted a pair of classic Vans slip ons. These have been, and continue to be, one of the most popular shoes around.

My daughter and I also splurged and got matching pairs of Nike Air Force Ones. These shoes have been around forever but this year they top many kids' lists. They come in a couple color choices but the all white go with everything and are instantly recognizable. 


I remember as a kid that there I pretty much only had one or two choices for backpacks, and none nearly as cool or functional as what is out there today. Whether your kids are learning from home or at a school, backpacks are a great way to keep organized and store their stuff together. Our family uses them for school, road trips, or even for trips to the library. A good backpack is essential and Adidas tops our list for price, functionality, and quality. 


The school day requires clothes to be comfortable for learning and functional for play. My entire family loves the DSG line from Dick's because there are so many choices that work perfectly for kids in any grade. Plus you can always find good deals that don't break the bank.

My daughter also picked out some trendy options from Adidas because the look was "cute" and it gave her the ability to mix and match different tops with the black bottoms.

And like I said above, my middle child was all about the Nike outfits! The great thing about the Nike options is that they aren't just for athletes on the field, but there are tons of fun shirts and shorts that are made for kids to rock in the classroom.


Did you know that bucket hats are totally in this year? I had no idea but luckily there are some perfect options in stock to top off your kids' back-to-school outfits.

Don't forget to pick up facemasks and hand sanitizer this year! Masks range from basic black to this really great sports team themed gaiter scarf that can be worn in many different ways.

As Golden State Warriors fans we had to order these masks to represent our team, but they are available in many NBA team choices. 

Your kids are definitely going to want stickers to personalize their water bottles and other school supplies. Let them pick a few out to not only show their personality, but also easily identify their gear among their classmates' stuff.

If your children are fans of Crocs, then go a little crazy and let them personalize their footwear with these Crocs Jibbits. They easily attach to classic Crocs and let your kids show their unique style!

Remember that no matter what gear you choose, how you get it home is up to you. Whether you go in store, order online, or pick up curbside, pick the method that you feel best about. 

So good luck during this crazy back-to-school season and remember that you are not alone! We are all in this together so do the best you can because, while no parent is perfect, you know your kids best and will make great choices to keep your kids safe and learning during this unusual season. 

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