These 2022 Fall Hair Trends Will Look Great With All Your Cozy Sweaters

If there's anything that cutting our own hair in quarantine taught us, it's that we're always up for new adventures. As the trees start shifting from green leaves to red, orange, and yellow, the transition between seasons makes us want to change our hair color, too! Summer hair is all about electric color while winter has a bit of edge, and fall hair is the perfect in-between. A little bit bold, a little bit cozy, and very chic, these hair trends will last you until way past Thanksgiving.

Copper Hair

Warm copper is a great color for fall that goes with every hair texture and cut. Tones of deep brown or amber keep it from being pumpkin orange. Focus on keeping your hair moisturized to let the color really shine.

Pair your new hair color with a Y2K-inspired cut to stay on trend all autumn long. If you're getting a cut for a specific event, we'd recommend doing it two weeks out to give your hair time to lose the blunt look from the scissors.

Incorporate highlights to lighten the overall look and provide some dimension. This is also a great way to bring summer to your fall hair.

Braided Ponytail

Pull your hair into a ponytail (the height will depend on your face shape), and divide the tail into four different braids. It adds more movement than pulling the tail into one big braid, and you can do four of the same braids or mix it up with different kinds for a unique look.

Bring the summer butterfly braid trend into fall by adding it to the end of a slick ponytail. Wrap your own hair around the base, or add a colorful hair accessory for some extra color.

You don't have to stick to a three-strand braid. Create one with two strands and a hair scarf for four total (two will be your hair, two will be the scarf) for a chic upgrade. Here's a four-strand braid tutorial to help you get the hang of it.

Tweed Blonde

Tweed blonde is a 2022 hair trend that is going strong into fall, and we love that it works with both sleek and texturized hair. Tiny braids become more visually interesting when the different strands make them multicolored.

One of our favorite aspects of this hair trend is the way that the different shades of blonde come together to create a more dimensional and natural look. It'll make you look like you just came off the beach!

Tweed hair isn't strictly for bright blonde hair. Adding some amber and golden highlights to the middle and ends of your hair is the perfect 2022 take on balayage.

Bottleneck Bangs

Add bottleneck bangs into other hair trends — like like '70s shag — to get a two-in-one trending cut. It's one of those hair trends that looks great brand new and continues to look good as it grows out.

Think of bottleneck bangs like curtain bangs' relaxed sister. While curtain bangs are more styled, bottleneck bangs are low-maintenance, flirty, and will look great with your whole fall wardrobe.

These bangs look good with just about every cut, and they give this pixie a windblown, carefree edge that we can totally get behind.

Standout Clips

At first glance, neon colors don't seem like an autumn staple, but that's the great thing about adding them to your hair — they'll make you stand out. Stick to an ombré look with different shades of the same color, or mix it up with every color of the rainbow.

Have fun with clips that spell out your favorite ideas and sentiments. You can add them to old-school waves or top knots, and you can even make them yourself with wooden letters, hot glue, spray paint, and gemstones.

A bejeweled clip gets the royal treatment when you wear it like a tiara. You don't need to add any other accessories to it, and it's the perfect contrast to your coziest sweaters.

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Header used with permission, courtesy of @beckywiththegoodxhair.