These handmade gift ideas are perfect for your loved one

s. Get 50 projects that are cute and easy to make! Great for beginning crafters.

I have to rat my mom out but I promise you she would agree with me – she’s not a very good gift giver. Like I said, she would absolutely admit it. I’m not sure what it takes to be a good gift giver (listening?), but I think some just aren’t.

I get it though. She did have five kids, and sometimes gifts for a bunch of people is hard. She did make it a little more difficult on herself by not allowing lists. If I had five littles, just tell me what you want, what you really really want. I don’t want to have to guess!

Anyhoo, gift giving ain’t easy. One thing I do feel always works well with recipients is handmade gifts. They are thoughtful simply because of their nature, and often times becomes sentimental things that hang around forever. Which I absolutely love!

I personally love making gifts, so I picked 50 favorites I wanted to share with you that cover a variety of holidays and recipients. Need a last minute Christmas gift for a hostess? What about a perfect birthday gift for a teen? You’ll find something here for men and women, old and young.

The best part about this list? The projects are easy.

Beginning crafters are going to love these ideas, and most of them are relatively quick to make. If you’re in need of some handmade gifts, I’d love for you to check out this list. Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, graduation, or other special occasion, you’re going to find something you like. Keep on reading!
Handmade Gift Ideas
You're going to love these handmade gifts that are SO easy! All of these projects are perfect for beginning crafters and can be made in a reasonable amount of time.
1 Mod Podge Soap
Learn how to decoupage on soap using this unique tutorial! Such a simple project, anyone can do it. The design stays even while washing!
Get the Tutorial 2 DIY Tile Coasters
Learn how to make coasters using tiles from the hardware store! These ceramic tile coasters are so easy and make great gifts or party favors.
Get the Tutorial 3 Chalk Paint Mason Jars
Learn how to paint mason jars with a matte finish! This is a perfect project for farmhouse or rustic decor. Add succulents or flowers for your recipient.
Get the Tutorial 4 Family Photo Ornaments
Learn how to make pretty family photo ornaments using crystal pendants from a chandelier! Great for Christmas, wedding, or baby handmade gift idea.
Get the Tutorial 5 Summer Blooms Garden Apron Photo Credit: Stephanie Rose
Do you have a friend or family member that loves to garden? I do. This is a very simple sewing gift for your gardening loving associates! Make it out of fabrics they would love.
Get the Tutorial 6 Easy DIY Travel Mug
This DIY travel mug was assembled with a dollar store item, paper scraps, and Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge. It's so easy and inexpensive to make!
Get the Tutorial 7 Reusable Beeswax Wraps Photo Credit: Mystique Mattai
These wraps reduce plastic use, food waste, and expenses! The method for these DIY beeswax wraps is simple, and they make a great handmade gift for your Earth loving friends.
Get the Tutorial 8 DIY Photo Pendant
Learn how to make a photo pendant the easy way! Attach to a necklace or bracelet for simple DIY jewelry that makes a great handmade gift idea.
Get the Tutorial 9 Photo Transfer PIllows
Use pics to create these unique, personalized photo pillows. These picture pillows are easy to do with photo transfer medium!
Get the Tutorial 10 Fleece Ear Warmer Headband Photo Credit: Mary Martha Mama
Make this cute fleece ear warmer headband with bow styling! You'll get great step by step instructions with pictures, making it super easy. This is a perfect handmade gift.
Get the Tutorial 11 Modern DIY Photo Blocks
Paint these DIY photo blocks any color to fit in with your child's room or nursery and display on a shelf! They also make great gifts.
Get the Tutorial 12 Inexpensive Glass Photo Magnets
These photo magnets are so EASY that even a kid can make them! Give these glass magnets as gifts; personalize them any way you like.
Get the Tutorial 13 DIY Unicorn Sugar Scrub Photo Credit: Heidi Kundin
Whip up a batch of DIY unicorn sugar scrub in under 10 minutes with this quick and easy sugar scrub recipe. An awesome DIY homemade gift idea for friends, family, teachers, and more!
Get the Tutorial 14 DIY Perpetual Calendar
Learn how to make a perpetual calendar using wood blocks, Mod Podge, and a free printable. If you know someone that needs a calendar, this is the perfect gift for them!
Get the Tutorial 15 Painted Clay Ring Dish Photo Credit: Jennifer Neri
Make a cute little clay ring dish with hand painted accents! These darling dishes are a pretty personalized gift, and are so easy to make.
Get the Tutorial 16 Initial Wall Art on a Budget
Create personalized initial wall art with an old budget frame, fabric and Mod Podge. I added Pearlized Sealer for an extra special touch.
Get the Tutorial 17 Lavender Vanilla Bath Bombs Photo Credit: McKenzie Guymon
These bath bombs are great for relaxing the mind and body. The lavender helps soothe, while the vanilla adds another gorgeous scent to a bathtub experience!
Get the Tutorial 18 Easy Wooden Spoon Painting
Use Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge for this unique wooden spoon makeover - these are so colorful and make great gifts! SO easy to do.
Get the Tutorial 19 Infinity Scarf from a T-Shirt Photo Credit: Jacy Pulford
If you want to learn how to make an infinity scarf, this is the easiest and quickest way to do it! You’ll only spend pennies on this simple project.
Get the Tutorial 20 DIY Mug Candle Photo Credit: Crystal Owens
Learn how to make a campfire mug candle! This easy tutorial will show you how to turn new or vintage mugs into soy candles so you can make a bunch for gifts. Tips included!
Get the Tutorial 21 Personalized Wooden Keychains
Learn how to make little personalized wooden keychains that can be put on keys, a backpack or lunch box. These are great DIY gift ideas!
Get the Tutorial 22 No Sew Flannel Coffee Cozy Photo Credit:
You won't believe what these cozies (also known as koozies!) are made out of! The best part - you won't have to do any sewing. Just grab your hot glue gun, and no seams.
Get the Tutorial 23 Agate Slice Soaps Photo Credit: Rebecca Dillon
Learn how to craft your own stunning DIY agate slice soaps! I love gifts that are beautiful and functional. These decorate a bathroom until they are used.
Get the Tutorial 24 Washable Glitter Mug
Learn how to make DIY glitter mugs with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge! I show you how to decorate the handle, but you can do any part of the mug.
Get the Tutorial 25 Simple Photo Vase Photo Credit: Beth Hunter
Gifts don't have to cost a fortune to be beautiful and thoughtful! I love this pretty photo vase; it's simple to customize, and you won't believe how easy it is to make. Makes a great hostess gift.
Get the Tutorial 26 Decorate Bangle Bracelets
Learn how to DIY bracelets from wooden bangle bases! Decorating is easy to do with fun paint colors, paper, and Mod Podge.
Get the Tutorial 27 DIY Hand Warmers Photo Credit: Brittany Bailey
These DIY hand warmers are perfect because you don’t need a lot of fabric to make them. And they take no time at all to complete.
Get the Tutorial 28 Easy Floral Earrings
Learn how to make decoupage earrings using wood circles and floral scrapbook paper! These are easy, even if you've never made jewelry before.
Get the Tutorial 29 Monogrammed Wine Bag Photo Credit: Amanda Fettig
These wine gift bags are perfect for last minute! You can use any fabric, and the monogramming is up to you. The best part? They are no sew!
Get the Tutorial 30 Gift Card Wreath Photo Credit: Danetta Thurman
When you don't know what to get? Gift cards are great - and maybe you want to dress them up with a fun idea! I think this wreath is cute. And it can be reused for birthdays after gifting.
Get the Tutorial 31 Etched Glass Water Bottle Photo Credit: Carissa Berg
Have a friend that doesn't go anywhere without their water? Carissa will teach you how to recycle a glass water bottle into a beautiful craft! You can use this method for etching any type of glass for gifts.
Get the Tutorial 32 Flower DIY Lotion Bars Photo Credit: Amy Buchanan
These gorgeous DIY lotion bars are made with nourishing coconut oil and mango butter and scented with floral fragrance oils. Make them in several color and scent combinations to create a bouquet of flower-shaped lotion bars.
Get the Tutorial 33 DIY Flower Pot
Learn how to decoupage a flower pot with fabric and Mod Podge. Put a favorite plant or succulent inside to make a gorgeous handmade gift.
Get the Tutorial 34 Personalized Picture Keychain Photo Credit: Nell Regan
Turn your favorite photographs into personalized picture keychains! A personalized photo keychain is an easy homemade gift idea for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or a birthday.
Get the Tutorial 35 Decorate A Notebook Cover
Learn how to decorate your notebook with a laser cut overlay and Mod Podge. Keep all of your notes, calendar, or journal inside. So cute for gifting!
Get the Tutorial 36 Fringed Flannel Throw Photo Credit:
This DIY fringed flannel throw is cozy, fashionable, and easy to make for about $10, making it a great handmade holiday gift!
Get the Tutorial 37 DIY iPad Case Photo Credit: Steve Carrell
Use woodgrain Duck Tape to make this DIY iPad case. It’s no sew, lined, and assembles in about 15 minutes. Perfect for school or office!
Get the Tutorial 38 No Slip Dish Towel Photo Credit: Kimberly West
Learn how to make a dish towel that won't slip off the oven handle! This is such a cool idea because it also doubles as a potholder. Basic sewing skills required.
Get the Tutorial 39 DIY Comic Book Coasters
If you are looking for unique crafts for men, these DIY comic book coasters are perfect. Use materials right from the hardware store!
Get the Tutorial 40 Lip Gloss Pouch Photo Credit: Melissa Mortenson
Ladies love their lip gloss and lip balms - but we often lose them in the bottom of our purse! This simple sewn pouch is perfect for people that need theirs easily accessible.
Get the Tutorial 41 Instagram Canvas Magnets
Here's an EASY tutorial for making Instagram mini canvases using Mod Podge. It's fun and simple - and these make great handmade gift ideas.
Get the Tutorial 42 Applique Slippers Personalized Gift Idea Photo Credit: Ashlee Park
It is really easy to add a special touch to plain slippers – make them a wonderful personalized gift that your special someone will absolutely love!
Get the Tutorial 43 Oatmeal Soap with a Surprise
Make this pretty beach themed oatmeal soap with a surprise inside! It's the perfect decor for a beachy bathroom or a coastal inspired escape. It can also be customized to any theme!
Get the Tutorial 44 How To Make a Pin Cushion Jar Photo Credit:
I want to show you how to turn a simple mason jar into a pin cushion jar. This project takes about 30-minutes so you can whip one up while catching an episode of your favorite series.
Get the Tutorial 45 EASY Salt Dough Ornaments
GoodUse this recipe to make salt dough ornaments that double as personalized gift tags - both kids and adults will love this EASY craft.
Get the Tutorial 46 Hand Embroidered Magnets Photo Credit: Jessica Anderson
If you love the look of hand embroidery, these DIY magnets are perfect for you. The delicate floral pattern is so pretty! These make great gifts too.
Get the Tutorial 47 Insulated Beverage Holders (Koozies) Photo Credit: Amy Bell
Do you know someone who always needs their beverages cold? These can be made in literally minutes, and they are a perfect handmade gift that beginning sewists will enjoy.
Get the Tutorial 48 Cinnamon Sugar Hand Scrub Photo Credit:
This cinnamon sugar hand scrub recipe smells like delicious baked goods! Make your hands soft and is perfect for a gift idea. So easy.
Get the Tutorial 49 Supplies in a Chalkboard Jar Photo Credit: Vanessa Coppola
With the trend in remote work, I love this genius gift idea that is easy to put together! Great for someone who got a new job . . . but also for students, teachers, and anyone else who likes office supplies.
Get the Tutorial 50 Decorate Flameless Candles
Learn how to Mod Podge flameless candles from the dollar store using napkins. Easy to customize to the recipients decor!
Get the Tutorial
What are your favorite handmade gift ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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