This Online Group Is Dedicated To ‘Mildly Interesting’ Stuff, And Here Are Their 112 Best Posts (New Pics)

With everything that's going around the internet, we have become hard to surprise. WTF stock photos, ridiculous real estate listings, and other similar gems have desensitized our 'Whoah!' sensors. But one online community consistently amazes even those who think they've seen it all. Of course, I'm talking about r/MildlyInteresting.

As we have shown you in our earlier publications here, here, and here, the members of this subreddit always seem to find the stuff that lifts your eyebrows. Either by showing off their own or reposting someone else's pictures, these folks know how to entertain. So continue scrolling and check out what they've got in store for us today.

#1 My Oven Shows The Time That You Started Cooking Incase You Didn’t Set A Timer

Image credits: Fearless-Professor33

#2 The Way Our Wallpaper Installer Covered The Vent

Image credits: robbiehaf

#3 My Public Library Tells You How Much Money You’ve Saved By Checking Things Out Instead Of Buying Them

Image credits: banoctopus

#4 There Is A Sharing Point For Walking Sticks At The Beginning Of My Favourite Hiking Path

Image credits: nils4i20

#5 Garlic…but Each One Is A Single Clove

Image credits: hertoyleesh

#6 My Cat Has One Eye And This Is How She Peeks Around Corners

Image credits: TigerSpec

#7 My Dad Found A Face As The Pocket Of His Pepperoni Pizza Pants

Image credits: cosmosclover

#8 This Painting In A Waiting Room Is The Same Print As My Phone Case

Image credits: YetiPie

#9 My Eco Friendly Packaged Toothpicks Are Individually Wrapped In Plastic

Image credits: Wind-wheel

#10 This Burger Puzzle Has A Piece Shaped Like The Whole Puzzle

Image credits: zephyrjg

#11 My Bachelor's Degree Is Signed By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Image credits: Herp_McDerp

#12 My 10 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Bank Note I Use As A Book Mark

Image credits: Krazykid678

#13 The Roof Of This Small Chapel Collapsed, And Instead Of Rebuilding It Normally They Made It Out Of Glass

Image credits: Morpherman

#14 My Hotel Jacuzzi Tub Fills Up From The Ceiling

Image credits: Rollipollipotamus

#15 These Statues In Front Of A Finnish Train Station Are Vaccinated

Image credits: MonsieurWhiteToad

#16 This Welcoming Sculpture At A Truck Stop Tire Store In Co

Image credits: weedmunkeee

#17 This Walgreens Is In An Old Bank

Image credits: acol0mbian

#18 The Pumpkin Pie I Bought Contains "Finger"

Image credits: MarieCakeAntoinette

#19 I Haul The Windmill Blades For Electric Wind Turbines

Image credits: FinzClortho

#20 Found A Check From 1879 For $105 In My Dresser That I Inherited From My Grandfather

Image credits: Spaloonbabagoon

#21 The Feet On This Bench At My Gym Look A Lot Like An Impaled iPhone

Image credits: thehippestmanalive

#22 The Hotel I'm Staying At Has A Tiny Door That Says "John Malkovich"

Image credits: Kobbero

#23 My Mom Gave Me Her Vintage Crockpot From The 70s

Image credits: Shaneblaster

#24 My Dads Salt And Pepper Shaker Collection

Image credits: tobm2509

#25 I’m The Only Apartment With The Holiday Spirit

Image credits: Benicio_Del_Tacos

#26 Someone Put A Bob Ross Toaster In Our Breakroom, And It Burns An Image Of Bob Ross Onto The Toast

Image credits: DictatorTot23

#27 My Grandma's Collection Of 544 Different Cookie Cutters That She Has Been Expanding For 50+ Years

Image credits: astonishedplant

#28 A Lot Of Mcdonald’s In My Country Only Sell Ice Cream

Image credits: fauxuniverse

#29 The Store By My New House Still Sells Candy Cigarettes

Image credits: DasCrouton

#30 Snake Looking Through My Glass Door

Image credits: jaxpaboo

#31 Saw A Little Car That Only Fits One Person And Only Has One Headlight

Image credits: jiirani

#32 I Bought A $14k Staircase Today And It Came With A Little Example Model

Image credits: ibemuffdivin

#33 My Dad Burnt A Pancake So Bad It Camouflages With The Black Pan

Image credits: sms42069

#34 My 3lb Bag Of Starbursts Contained No Lemon Starbursts

Image credits: jstep32x

#35 My New Printer Printed The User Manual On Its Own As Soon As I Got It Up And Running

Image credits: viktor197

#36 A Cheese Vending Machine In A Mountain Village In Switzerland

Image credits: SuspiciousLizardo

#37 My Daughter's Tigger Has Distinct Bright And Dark Stripes In Normal Light, But Is Entirely Pale White In Night Vision

Image credits: Granite-M

#38 My Glass Measuring Cup Melted In The Microwave

Image credits: Rudecles

#39 I Found Plane Wreckage While Hiking In A State Park This Weekend

Image credits: poopsmitherson

#40 A Real And Very Rare $500 Bill

Image credits: supershayan

#41 This Balcony Has A Balcony On It

Image credits: eraserewrite

#42 Table I Made Out Of Old Skateboards In My Clients House

Image credits: BiloWaegons

#43 What Blood Looks Like With The Red Blood Cells Removed

Image credits: Peppersworth

#44 This Cabin On Top Of A Silo. Oldham County, Kentucky

Image credits: jeffbirt

#45 My Wife Eats Apples From The Bottom…including The Core

Image credits: Sp3nc3r420

#46 Decomposing Jean Pants I Found On The Job Yesterday

Image credits: navybluetea

#47 Flew On A New Delta Plane, And They Put A Window In The Lavatory

Image credits: MaximumEngineering8

#48 My Orange Had Segments In Two Shades Of… Orange

Image credits: soandsoyaknow

#49 Pink Pigeon On A UK High Street

Image credits: treacledor

#50 My Able Bodied Wife Found Herself In A Fencing Tournament With A Wheelchair Restricted Opponent

Image credits: NHLroyrocks

#51 This House In My Neighborhood That Has No Windows At All

Image credits: rosegamm

#52 This Waffle House Menu Has Sales Tax Included

Image credits: plutoniumwhisky

#53 My Aunt Has This Birthday Calendar, Names On Disks Using Hooks

Image credits: Pantelima

#54 This Bath Bomb Is Labia Safe

Image credits: Bassline05

#55 The Penguin Classics Version Of '1984' By George Orwell Has Its Title And Author Censored

Image credits: ItsFlamingYeti_

#56 Dune Book That You Can Read On Any Sides

Image credits: Miserable-Fox-6716

#57 This Puddle Is Labeled

Image credits: gtbishop83

#58 The Inside Of An North Korea Airport

Image credits: Essnem-

#59 I Have A Pear Shaped Pupil!

Image credits: GoblinQueen93

#60 Gigantic Home Grown Garlic Clove!

Image credits: PoziTony

#61 The Nicu At The Hospital Had Masks With Mouth Windows So The Baby Can See Your Expressions

Image credits: JohnIsaName

#62 This Dish That I Ordered That Kinda Looks Like Homer Simpson!

Image credits: dwo0D

#63 My Mac And Cheese Flavor Dust Are 2 Different Colors, And They Match The Box Discoloration

Image credits: Soulkaliber9001

#64 There Was A Straight Up 4 Oz Chunk Of Doritos Seasoning In The Bag

Image credits: Educational_Word_647

#65 Chick-Fil-A Employees Taking Orders In Their Own Personal Shelters

Image credits: kazz9201

#66 I Work In Grocery, And These Two Boxes Of Roma Tomatoes Came On The Truck This Morning. One Came With A Shine, The Other Didn’t

Image credits: Common_Sir6101

#67 This Axe Left On Top Of A Frozen Creek, Now An Inch Under Ice

Image credits: Viojezajanu

#68 Emergency Room Guide Listing The Order Of People Who See The Doctor

Image credits: Toxic_venom2221

#69 I Saw Mark Zuckerberg And His Wife, Pricilla Chan, At Mcdonald’s

Image credits: Fruit_snacks_addict

#70 A Receipt Found In A Book From 1992. Not A Vegetable In Sight

Image credits: Dabmasterrick

#71 Cleaning Out The Office, Found 2 Ipod Shuffles From 2009 In A Filing Cabinet. Sealed, Unopened, Unused. 1gb Each

Image credits: rotll

#72 This Apartment Complex In Seoul Has A Machine Gun Nest Built Into It

Image credits: MinimalResults

#73 This Mall Has A “Husband Depository” With Massage Chairs And Phone Chargers

Image credits: co1063

#74 The Supermarket I Work At Sells Horizontally Sliced Bread

Image credits: minecalos1

#75 American Food Section In A Supermarket In Ireland

Image credits: yozzeralloy

#76 I Recorded The Quality Of Each Of My Days During 2021

Image credits: pink_snoo

#77 These Jars Contain The Same Amount Of Jam

Image credits: Loafefish

#78 What I Pack For A Weekend Away vs. My Husband

Image credits: regan9109

#79 This 100-Year-Old Perfume Bottle That Glows Under Blacklight

Image credits: SleepingWillows

#80 Bathroom Stall Door With No Crack In Between

Image credits: gcz1214

#81 My Sliced Bacon Looks Pixelated

Image credits: idontlikethishole

#82 I Have A Skin Condition Called Dermatographia Due To Which Lightly Scratching My Skin Causes Raised, Red Lines Where I've Scratched

Image credits: Professional_Pen_330

#83 Drove By A Helicopter Wrapped In Plastic This Morning

Image credits: cantread4content007

#84 European Section In A Us Grocery Store

Image credits: tigerjams

#85 How The Water Froze On The Lake By My House.

Image credits: BigDaddyDench

#86 The Gas Station Near Me Has The Price Of Coffee Also Listed

Image credits: businessbee89

#87 The Ceiling Of My Local Deli Is Covered With Milk Crates

Image credits: RaidensReturn

#88 I Made A Necklace From A Rib I Had Removed

Image credits: huston9

#89 This Public Restroom Has Facing Toilets

Image credits: mohammedgoldstein

#90 My Ritz Cracker Has A Nose

Image credits: Maindrian-Pace

#91 None Of The Floors In The Hotel I Am Staying At Have The Number 4 In Them

Image credits: TheZinga

#92 This Packet Of Pasta Has A Drawing To Gauge The Quantity Of Pasta W/O A Scale

Image credits: LorenzoCol

#93 I Found An Unopened Can Of Beer From 1954 At A Job Today

Image credits: It_Digiorno

#94 The Rather Extreme Stretch Marks I've Developed In Both Biceps After Starting The Gym

Image credits: 89404

#95 This Donut Shop Also Sells Guns

Image credits: Ricky_Kukfield

#96 My Grandmother Has The First Snowmobile License In Ca

Image credits: TheRacc

#97 Deer Were Using My Car As A Salt Lick

Image credits: BondiBlueBalls

#98 The Quantity Difference In Wins vs. Losses In $1000 Worth Of Scratch-Off Tickets

Image credits: SpecVengeance

#99 The Hotel I’m Staying At Allows You To Choose Your Selected Holy Text

Image credits: mr_dewrito

#100 I Found A Little Pocket Sewn Inside My New Jeans

Image credits: One-one-eight

#101 My Coworker’s Scarf Looks Like A CVS Receipt

Image credits: eboov

#102 The Level Of The Snowflakes In This Sealed Decoration Shaped Like A Cone, Right-Side Up vs. Upside Down

Image credits: mmodlin

#103 My Dishwasher Has A Spot Specifically For Chopsticks

Image credits: vce5150

#104 In Italy, “Cool Ranch” Doritos Are Called “Cool American Flavour”

Image credits: Pinedale7205

#105 My Meat Pie Tonight Turned Out To Be Solid Pastry All Through

Image credits: Same_Distribution

#106 The Puzzle Came With An Extra Piece (That Also Doesn’t Seem To Be A Duplicate Of Any Other Piece)

Image credits: Dgenconvention

#107 New Notebook Next To One Used The Last Year

Image credits: pgc049

#108 Free Meal With Interview. Never Seen That Before.

Image credits: curbstomp45

#109 My Entire Car Is Covered In Snow, But It’s Melted Around Where My Dashcam Is

Image credits: mrcompositorman

#110 This Floor Tile At Laguardia Airport Has A House Key Embedded In It

Image credits: booketh

#111 Cement Patches From Recent Repairs Of My Home Kinda Looks Like A Lion On The Edge Of A Cliff

Image credits: Aditya060804

#112 My Parrot Laid An Egg, It’s Unfertilized So I Ate It

Image credits: asatoaf