This Reader Made a Yarn Bouquet for Her BFF

yarn bouquet

Bouquets are blooming this time of year!

One thing we’re a fan of here at Hip2Save is DIY, and, in honor of the month of February, we want to remind you all that bouquets aren’t always flowers! This week’s Happy Friday reader, Aileen, has made a beautiful bouquet for her best friend that catered to her interests. She even made one for her husband, and she shared with us how she did it! ❤️

bouquet of yarn

I made a yarn bouquet for my best friend! There is nothing I can buy her; she won’t accept anything.

Big Twist Yarn

Next time, I would use all the same types of yarn in different colors. I wanted it colorful and sparkly. I gave her the gift receipt from Joann so she could exchange it for what she wanted.

wrapped yarn bouquet

She got yarn to make me a new pompom hat and scarf! 🙂 I used knitting needles and crochet hooks instead of skewers.

man with donut bouquet

Aileen also mentioned that she made a donut bouquet for her husband which is a tutorial we have here on Hip2Save, and he completely loved it! Thank you for sharing your creativity, Aileen! How special is it that we can customize a bouquet to fit the interests of our loved ones; who said it just had to be flowers? 😍💐


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