Tips For Looking Chic on Your Greek Island Holiday

Are you going on your very first Greek vacation and want to make sure you are looking your absolute best while you are there? Are you curious about the fashion in Greece and want to know what you should be wearing to the beach or even on a night out on the town? 

You’ve been dreaming of a Greek island getaway for months, and now you’re on your way. But before you pack away those work clothes in favor of an all-white bikini, let’s talk about how to stay chic while enjoying the sunshine and sea air. 

While Greece’s famous for its beautiful architecture, stunning scenery, and rich history- it is also known for its blistering heat with temperatures that can often feel unbearable. It can be hard to find outfits to be comfortable in the whole day, especially if you’re planning on spending a whole day out in the sun. A ferry trip can also be a fun and relaxing experience, and you can book your trip to a special little island like Chalki on You get to enjoy the scenery on the water, take in some fresh air, and meet new people, but it is extremely important to feel comfortable when out in the sun. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to pack to stay comfortable and still look chic on your Greek island holiday. 


The very first item that you should be packing before you go to Greece is sandals. These lightweight, simple shoes are the perfect addition to any summer vacation look. When you are traveling around the streets of Greece you want to wear something comfortable and durable and that will hold up for a bit more walking. 

Shoes with heels can get uncomfortable very quickly and they are just not practical. Sandals are the perfect shoe for a Greek vacation because they are easy to slip on and off when you go to the beach and dip your toes in the water, and you can also dress them up or down with any outfit you choose

Scarf Wrap     

Next up on our list if essential for a Greek vacation when trying to look chic, is a scarf wrap. When in Greece, you will notice that it can get very very hot, and a scarf wrap can not only serve as a fashion accessory but also functionally as a way to get out of the blistering heat and protect your skin from getting burnt. 

Scarf wraps can be used in a multitude of ways, like around the head, or neck, wrapped around your shoulders when it cools down a bit, or even as a beach coverup when in your swimsuit. 

This is the perfect addition to your vacation wardrobe and will make you look glamorous while still being comfortable on your Greek island holiday. 

Loose Clothes       

Moving on, the next tip is to pack loose clothes. When it is hot and humid, the last thing you want to be doing is wear skintight clothes. This can get uncomfortable very quickly and can even make you feel the heat a bit more. 

By wearing loose clothing on your Greek island vacation, not only will you look chic and beach-ready, but you will be comfortable and ready for a long day by the beach or even exploring ancient ruins. 


This one is a given but bringing a swimsuit to Greece is obvious. You can’t go on a Greek island vacation and not visit the beach or go for a dip in the pool. You don’t have to fill your suitcases with them, but make sure that you have a couple of nice ones for when you want to go layout on the beach. And some more comfortable ones if you want to participate in the watersport activities. 

If you forget your swimsuit, you will be missing out big time. 

Sunglasses and Hat       

Another must-have when visiting the Greek islands is a hat and sunglasses. In summer, Santorini is insanely hot and the last thing you want is to get burnt on your first day out on the beach. 

A hat and sunglasses won’t only serve as sun protection but can also make you look fashionable and up to date. 

Warm Clothing       

Last but not least, this one might not be as obvious, but you should always pack something a little warmer in case it gets a bit chilly on an odd night or when it starts to rain.

Having a sweatshirt and some jeans on hand is never going to be a bad idea and will always come in handy when you least expect it. 

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