Top Hair Accessories

Delicate green leaves decorate stark winter branches, flowers push their bright heads out of the loamy ground, and the wide blue sky welcomes us out for long evening strolls. Spring feels light and new, and it invites us all to feel the same. So, let’s take it from the top—and that means hair! Spring 2020’s top trends in hair accessories echo the season with delicate embellishments, bright baubles, and flowers everywhere you look!

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are the hair accessory everyone can use. Fine, thick, straight, curly, long, medium, or pixie short: bobby pins will be your best friend this season. Here are some styling options:

Pixie Cuts & Shorter Styles

Bobby pins are the perfect way to pull back your fringe, either to the side or straight back, in order to highlight your best feature. They’re also the top trend to show off versatility in your cut and complement your outfit, be it cute & funky or something chic & timeless. The Lola Bobby Pin Set would be a fabulous choice.

Bobs & Paige Boys

This classic precision cut calls for a simple style. Try using a deep side part, then pin back the thicker sweep of hair just behind your ear. You can leave the other side loose or tuck it back. I’d use the Francoise Bobby Pin Set—simple & artistic. For a flirtier look, loosely twist back the sides of your hair and secure them together midway below the crown of your head using two or three bobby pins like the Gigi Bobby Pin Set.

Longer Locks, Layered or Blunt Cut

Go romantic with some lovely little pins like the Peacock Pearl Bobby Pin Set! Gather your hair into a loose bun and randomly arrange these crystal ornamented bobby pins to create a constellation of stars catching the light. A more polished version of this style calls for sleekly combed hair and a tighter bun with bobby pins placed in key locations. I recommend sets of two on either side of your head near the crown, and another two centered at the back of your head beneath your bun. The Petrie Hair Pin Set, with its lovely vintage resin flowers, would look smashing for this style!

However you choose to wear them, bobby pins are THE hair accessory that will take you from day to night this spring, and transition easily through the rest of 2020. Which means you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty splurging on a few sets at a higher price point, they’ll be your go-to luxe item that lasts all year!

peacock pearl bobby pin set-hair accessories

Peacock Pearl Bobby Pin Set, $28

stella bobby pin set-hair accessories

Stella Bobby Pin Set, $20

lala bobbie pin set-hair accessories

Lala Bobbie Pin Set, $30

shashi spirit eye bobby pin set-hair accessories

Shashi Spirit Eye Bobby Pin Set, $28

gigi bobby pin set-hair accessories

Gigi Bobby Pin Set, $24

petrie hair pin set-hair accessories

Petrie Hair Pin Set, $34

tasha 4pack oval bobby pins-hair accessories

Tasha 4-Pack Oval Bobby Pins, $13.20

bp shell and coin bobby pins-hair accessories

BP 4-Pack Shell & Coin Bobby Pins, $7.60

geraldine bobby pin set-hair accessories

Geraldine Bobby Pin Set, $16

francoise bobby pin set-hair accessories

Francoise Bobby Pin Set, $14

crystal and imitation pearl bobby pin and hair clip-hair accessories

BaubleBar 2-Pack Crystal & Imitation Pearl Bobby Pin & Hair Clip, $25.50


Headbands are back in a big way this spring! While the slimmer silhouettes of seasons past are still an excellent option, headbands with retro-styled volume are popping up with all sorts of knots, twists, bows, and braids. And as someone who’s sported styles as short as the velvet buzz of early ’90s Sinead O’Connor, and as long as the waist-length locks of your typical California surfer girl, I can testify that the headband works with every cut. The key to choosing a headband that will accentuate both your best facial features and your best fashion sense is all about where you add this season’s volume.

Face Shapes & Finest Features

Retro turban knotted headbands typically add volume everywhere but, because the knot is the focal point, the eye is drawn upward. This style works best on someone with a face that doesn’t mind a little visual lengthening, such as a round, square, or heart-shaped face.

Braided, puffed, and embellished headbands work for every face shape. However, if you’re like me and have a longer oval face, I recommend choosing a headband with embellishments that are off-centered or asymmetrical so that the volume adds width instead of length.

No matter which lovely face shape you possess, spring is the time to take advantage of this top hair accessory trend in all its fabulous incarnations. Play with patterns, textures & textiles, frills & finery, and every decade from the ’60s to the 80’s to the RIGHT NOW—you won’t go wrong with the headband.

knotted headband-hair accessories

Knotted Headband, $11.40

braided headband-hair accessories

L. Erickson Braided Headband, $18

twist headband-hair accessories

BaubleBar Twist Headband, $42

wave headband-hair accessories

Tasha Wave Headband, $25

twisted braid metal headband-hair accessories

BaubleBar Twisted Braid Metal Headband, $36

turban knot headband liberty print-hair accessories

Turban Knot Headband in Liberty® Print, $29.50

tortoise headband-hair accessories

Tortoise headband, $22.50

violet puffed headband-hair accessories

Violet Puffed Headband, $24

marisol twist headband-hair accessories

Marisol Twist Headband, $18

sienna knotted headband-hair accessories

Sienna Knotted Headband, $24

tali knotted headband-hair accessories

Tali Knotted Headband, $18

namjosh iridescent knotted headband-hair accessories

NamJosh Iridescent Knotted Headband, $48

kaanas barrancas headband-hair accessories

Kaanas Barrancas Headband, $44

studio knot soft headband-hair accessories

Studio Knot Soft Headband $20

straw knotted headband-hair accessories

Straw Knotted Headband, $24

Big Bows

Forget big bows as the fashion accessory of little girls and cheerleaders! Spring’s big bow is for YOU. This hair accessory comes in every form & fabric to suit your sartorial style and coiffure. Longer locks look lovely in a low, loose pony held in place with something sweet like the On the Road Scarf Pony. For a tighter hold, try a bow attached to a scrunchie hairband. This sort of bow holds your style in place AND protects your hair from the breakage of normal elastic bands. And if you’ve got a pixie or shorter cut, don’t feel left out! There are lots of big bow options attached to disappearing headbands like the Bianca Bow Headband.

Big bows are having their moment, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on this fresh, lighthearted hair accessory!

on the road scarf pony-hair accessories

On The Road Scarf Pony, $18

baila hair scarf set-hair accessories

Baila Hair Scarf Set, $24

bow scrunchie set-hair accessories

Bow + Scrunchie Set, $16

margot scarf ponytail holder set-hair accessories

Margot Scarf Ponytail Holder Set, $18

satin scrunchie with bow-hair accessories

Satin Scrunchie with Bow, $19.50

bow scrunchie liberty floral-hair accessories

Bow Scrunchie in Liberty® Floral Print, $15

lois bow hair clip-hair accessories

Lois Bow Hair Clip, $18

bianca bow headband-hair accessories

Bianca Bow Headband, $28

Hair Clips & Barrettes

Like bobby pins, hair clips & barrettes are a universal hair accessory. They work for every cut, style, and occasion. And they do it with a panache that makes achieving any look seem effortless. Spring’s take on clips and barrettes feature unique textiles like the Woven Shapes Barrettes; pretty detailing like the scrollwork on the Mega Stone Barrette; and eclectic shapes & color patterns like Ficcare’s resin Maximus Silky Hair Clip and Madewell’s Faux Tortoise Alligator Hair Clip.

Since these hair accessories draw a lot of visual interest, I suggest letting them shine solo or in a duet. But that’s not a hard & fast rule because this spring the only rule is have a little fun with your hair!

medusas heirlooms imitation pearl hair clips-hair accessories

Medusa’s Heirlooms 2-Pack Imitation Pearl Hair Clips, $16

maximas silky hair clip-hair accessories

Ficcare Maximas Silky Hair Clip, $54-$58

lulu barrettes-hair accessories

Valet Studio Lulu 2-Pack Barrettes, $60

oval faux tortoise alligator clip-hair accessories

Madewell Oval Faux Tortoise Alligator Hair Clip, $12.50

oval barrette brushed metal-hair accessories

Oval Barrette in Brushed Metal, $16.50

rectangle barrette jeweled tortoise-hair accessories

Rectangle Barrette in Jeweled Tortoise, $19.50

woven shapes barrette-hair accessories

Woven Shapes Barrette Set, $28

kai hair clip set-hair accessories

Kai Hair Clip Set, $35

mega stone barrette-hair accessories

Mega Stone Barrette, $18

deepa janette barrette-hair accessories

Deepa Janette Barrette, $40

tribe alive circle hair pin-hair accessories

Tribe Alive™ Hair Pin, $36


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