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We are going to talk about all things Cabo for the next couple weeks. Think outfits, tips for traveling with a baby ( I’m no expert, but I’m going to tell you what works for us ), accessories ( think a HOT MESS ice roller, scrunchies & jewelry ), then we’re going to get into hangover tips.

It’ll be a 4 part series, so it’ll be a fun two weeks. With that, let’s kick it off with the outfits I wore when we were in Cabo. Most of them are very affordable with a few investment pieces sprinkled in.

Hope you love.

Cute Outfits For Cabo
♡ Mommy & Me Swimsuits

@devwindsor & her team sent over some swimsuits for me & Zaza to try. They are cute, very flattering ( for the mom ) & so adorable on the baby.

This one held Zaza’s diaper in place ( we love these ones ) & if you wanna get super cute, just add baby cateye sunglasses to complete the look.

{ Zaza’s Cabo looks }

♡ Neon Green Bikini

For this trip, I really wanted a neon green bikini. It had to be thin, comfy, & spicy to match my spicy margarita.

This bright green paired so nicely with my favorite silk pants ( more on these in a minute ) & a white cover up.

♡ Rails Shorts

These shorts by Rails are so good when you’ve had too many chips & too much guac. They aren’t super tight ( which was much needed at this point ), they’re very flattering because they cinch at the waist, but are still comfortable & freeing.

It was fun to wear these shorts with a tighter shirt. I wore a blue sheer one from Forever21 that’s sold out, but this one would be cute too.

♡ L*Space x Malibu Barbie Bikini

L*Space did a collab with Barbie & it’s so festive & fun. This bikini is pink, glittery & the top totally reminds me of something my mom used to wear. The knot felt very retro.

I’m still 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight so I wanted something forgiving. Love a tight top with a bigger bottom these days. You could also throw your cover up over the bikini top & pair it with a white linen pant for a bra-top outfit situation.

♡ Lilac Button-Up Satin Shirt

This shirt is one that I wore so much on our Cabo trip. I got it in the biggest size available because I wanted it as a HUGE cover up. Very much into lilac clothes right now & this one looks so cute over a bikini, but also buttoned up with shorts.

As I said, I would recommend getting this top very over-sized so you can throw on a belt & heels & wear it as a dress.

♡ Anne Cole White Swimsuit

This swimsuit is a must. First off, it holds you the fuck in & is totally Marilyn Monroe vibes. It looks cute as a top with white wide-leg pants ( shocker ). For the price, I recommend getting this in white & black. Who doesn’t love a white moment. Sidenote: order it now because it took a really long time to show up. But it’s worth it.

♡ Knit V-Neck Dress

Absolutely IN LOVE with this dress. It was the perfect dress to wear on the plane because I felt comfortable, not too restricted, but it held me in. Wearing this dress made me feel so comfy & confident. Plus, it’s a great ‘I just arrived on vacation, bitch!” dress.

Zaza has a matching top & I’m just in love love LOVE with all Trois The Label pieces. It’s a small business & I know the owner personally, so I love to support her.

I wore this dress with my favorite slides & favorite sunglasses.

♡ Pink Crop Top

A little cropped t-shirt is what I worked out in every day. It’s by @zoeyreva but it’s sold out so I linked a similar one here. It matched my nails perfectly! ( sidenote: used DND Pinkie Promise gel polish for the whole trip. )

♡ Satin Striped Shirt & Pant Set

This is actually a pajama set, but the who the fuck cares?! It was so perfect for hot weather because it’s so lightweight & comfy. It’s light pink & lilac & paired great with this hot pink Hunza G bathing suit I got, not mention the matching pink Hunza G scrunchie ( got it in lilac too ).

This set paired nicely with this super affordable head scarf I found. The reason I love lilac lately is because it really pops the whites of the eyes & teeth.

♡ White Silk Pants

These pants are an investment, but so many things on this list are not an investment, so I felt like I had to show you these. I’ve been wearing these non-stop so I had to include them on this list.

They are perfect for almost any event- I wore them to Erica’s bachelorette party, a night on the town, a book signing & too Cabo. Lemme tell ya…they are worth every penny. They’re loose & comfy & look so good with a bodysuit.

You should know that these are 100% silk so you need to be careful. They need to be cared for & looked after.

Moving right along….

♡ A Fun, Tropical Shirt

The tropical button up shirt I wore is actually Michael’s ( it’s St. Laurent ) but I found some other affrodable fun ones for you here. Tropical prints are always fun on vacation but I love this one because it was subtle.

I wore it to Flora Farms, which is a place you just have to go if you’re in Cabo.  It’s magical…

A vintage ice cream stand is proudly displayed in the front of the farm. Flavors like raw honeycomb, lavender lemon, & basil ice cream are showcased. Greenery is everywhere, rescue dogs run free with their tongues hanging out- almost smiling really…because they’re so grateful that the farm has saved their lives. Animals are at every turn- chickens & pigs specifically. As for the veggies: no pesticides, no genetically modified seeds, & no hormones.

The menu is perfection:

lemon ricotta pancakes, beet carpaccio ( BEET NOT BEEF! ), cucumber/almond gazpacho, veggie chips, & a juicy cheeseburger- to name a few. There is A LIVE BAND that frequently plays Bossa nova. Lastly don’t forget about the grocery store which is stocked like a Farmer’s Market on crack, of course. It’s a medley of fresh cheeses, meats, herbs, big bright veggies, pickled delights, & sunflowers- & I mean tons of sunflowers. Plus, the carrot ginger margaritas are TO DIE FOR. Ok my spiel on Flora Farms is over.

TA-DA! Cabo outfits all laid out for you. Two major outfit staples for me were the Electric Women’s sunglasses & my Bottega slides. I wore both of them with literally every outfit.

Stay tuned for more posts on how I travel with Zaza ( & essentials that help ), a Cabo accessories breakdown, & how to cure a Cabo hangover. If you want a sneak peek, I’ll just say that THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER saved my ass when it came to the hangover face bloat.

If you want to see more be sure to go to my Instagram @laurynbosstick & check out my CABO highlight & the BDAY highlight.

x, lauryn

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