Turn the Handrails in Your House Into Slides for Penguins. It’s Nothing but ‘Frozen’ in Your Hall!

Before Christmas many of us are busy decorating our houses and apartments. This year, for those who need some original themes, we’ve got a… penguin stairs decoration!

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Freeze your house!

Handrails are almost cut out to become slides. Let them be this time penguin slides, so much different from green garlands or lamps fixed to the railing. With the animals sliding down the handrails your house will look like the location of ‘Frozen’! I bet your kids will love it!


The non-melting snow could be made of any cloth that you drape properly all along the handrail. Perhaps double-sided adhesive tape will work best. There are several materials available these days that penguins can use as the slide. Plush and fluffy fabric, wadding, pillow filling or the so-called snow blankets are just a few options you can consider.


Dress your penguins right


As for choosing the penguins, feel free to choose whatever suit your taste. These could be traditional fluffy toys or even knitted ones. They will always look cute if they put on a scarf and a cap


Extra decoration




The slide can be also decorated with little trees, lights, garlands, feathers or start. Everything is only a matter of your creativity.
And if you are not into penguins, you can always let some snowmen enjoy the slide.


This interesting illumination effect can be achieved in a very simple way: just fix the light to the handrail and cover them with some cloth. A small trick with a big effect.


What are your favorite Christmas decorations?

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