Um, Nobody Told Me Joe Biden’s Granddaughters Were So Stylish

Cheers to the new Commander-In-Chief—and his stylish granddaughters, too. In case you missed it, Naomi, Finnegan and Natalie Biden proved that they’re going to be the next generation of fashion icons this morning. Honestly? I’m obsessed with them. They may be young, but these three will definitely be serving looks for the next four years. While all eyes were on Joe Biden today as he was sworn in as our 46th president, his granddaughter’s inauguration day outfits were a quiet little Capitol fashion show of their own.

There was certainly no lack of color in Washington D.C. this morning, as many of the women of the hour wore bright hues to the inauguration ceremony. Michelle Obama wore a raspberry turtleneck-trouser combo, Dr. Jill Biden wore a glittery blue ensemble and Kamala Harris went for a vibrant purple jacket. That said, they weren’t the only women whose outfits were turning heads. Some of the Biden clan dressed more subtly (Shout out to Maisy, the other granddaughter who also looked very chic!), but a trio of the Biden girls gave us Gen Z realness in a monochrome Neapolitan color scheme. Although there’s no word yet on who they were wearing, one thing’s for sure: They looked fab.

The internet, understandably, lost its collective mind. From the second the Biden family hit the steps of the Capitol, Twitter blew up with shouts of praise over Natalie, Naomi and Finnegan’s outfits. The Biden grandchildren only appeared on national television for a brief moment—it was truly a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it thing—but blink I did not, and I’m glad about that. These three ladies looked like the most chic Neapolitan ice cream sundae that I have ever seen.

Natalie may be just 16 (!) but she still killed the game in her pink Lafayette 148 New York coat, lest we forget the pink scarf, mask and leather gloves completing her look. Her older cousin, Naomi, went for a  more subdued take with an all-white ensemble by Adam Lippes—she basically twinned with Jennifer Lopez, who showed up in a beautiful white suit of her own. Last but not least, Finnegan Biden rounded out the stylish cousin trio in a rich cappuccino-colored coat designed by Brandon Maxwell. It was truly a sartorial *chef’s kiss.*

The somewhat-elusive Biden girls have kept a relatively low profile over the course of their grandfather’s campaign, only making a few appearances alongside the rest of their family to support their beloved “Pop-pop.” But, their time in the shadows stops now—if today is any indication, they’re about to make a major splash in the fashion world during President Biden’s term. I love seeing members of the First Family having fun with their fashion choices, especially on such an important day.

Natalie, Naomi, and Finnegan might not actually get to live in The White House, but I’ll be keeping a keen eye on their street style when they strut up to Pennsylvania Ave to visit their grandfather. Like Malia and Sasha Obama before them, I’ll be dying to see how Biden’s granddaughters’ style evolves during their time in the public eye. It doesn’t seem like they’ll need any help with finding their signature looks.

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