What’s The Coastal Grandmother Trend?


What's The Coastal Grandmother Trend?

What is this Style?

Coastal Grandmother Style is an aspirational lifestyle that mixes classic style with a laid-back coastal vibe. Think Diane Keaton in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give. Coastal grandmother is all about easy-breezy styles that go from the farmers market in the morning to lunch in town to sauvignon blanc on the beach at night.

How to dress like a Coastal Grandmother

Coastal grandmother style is a bit like an Instagram filter for your life:

  • It’s aspirational but accessible
  • it makes things look better than they actually are
  • it brings together lots of different trends into one cohesive look
  • it looks good on everyone.

You can wear this style anywhere! Minimal effort with a loose silhouette is key here. The right mix of quality, yet casual and comfortable clothing, punctuated with beautiful accessories like a delicate silk scarf or some delicate jewelry, can transport you to a place far away from the daily grind. Essentially the definition of this style is actually quite broad, but let me tell you what it is not: it’s not Granny Chic.

What's The Coastal Grandmother Trend?

Must-haves for your Wardrobe

This look is all about fresh air, breezy fabrics, and relaxed silhouettes—it’s an easy way to feel like you live by the sea without actually having to relocate! Effortless Style for Easy Living! Sharing a few faves below… add all to cart!

How to decorate your Home

Decor-wise? We’ve got everything you need for this look: rustic textiles, white decor accents, a slipcovered big couch (go ahead and get one if you don’t have one yet), woven rugs, open airy spaces… and fresh herbs from your windowsill pots! Think white cashmere, hydrangeas, and you! Loving these picks (below) to add that vibe to your home decor.

Want a carefree and cozy lifestyle? Try coastal grandmother style!




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