What To Take To Cabo: Accessories


You know I couldn’t leave you hanging with just outfits. I had to get super micro on the accessories I brought.

The world is opening up again & maybe a vacation is in your near future? In this post we’re going to go over the best things to bring on holiday. Think: a vibrator, a multi-purpose facial oil, the cutest jewelry & the best sunglasses.

With that, lets get into some of my must-have Cabo vacation accessories that work for almost any destination.

Cabo Accessories:

♡ scrunchies

These scrunchies are just PERFECT. They’re worth every single penny. I got one in pink & one in lilac, they look so cute on your wrist, in your hair, or in your baby’s hair. I put Zaza’s hair in a top-knot with one of these & it was just the cutest.

For fun you could pair it with a matching Hunza G bathing suit. The colors & crinkle fabric are too good.

♡ vintage hat

This vintage Gucci hat is from @lesbijouxvintage. She reached out to me on Instagram, & YOU GUYS, she has the best vintage pieces. Go to her Instagram to stalk her & see what she’s all about.

This had kept my face out of the sun & I wore it almost the entire trip. You may have seen how psycho I am with my face on vacation, ahem, full pink face mask. It’s just so fitting for the launch of my book, Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun, to have a cute vintage hat AND a full on balaclava. It’s so extra, but so necessary if you want to keep your face out of the sun.

♡ classic sunglasses

As I mentioned in the Cabo outfits post, I wore these Electric Women’s Crasher sunglasses the whole time. The matte black Quay After Hours ones are a favorite too, but I found out these ones are polarized so I became obsessed.

They’re black, classic, flattering to the face, protect the eyes & I’ll probably have them forever. Thank you to my friend Tori for gifting them to me at Erica’s bachelorette party. I’m never looking back.

♡ an ice roller

THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL HOT MESS ICE ROLLER totally saved my ass. Every. Single. Day.

Even Michael was using it. I took it to the lounge area when we were relaxing ( I watched Siesta Key ) & it stayed cold for so long. When I needed to cool it off a bit more I threw it into our wine’s ice bucket for a few minutes. LOL. Gotta do what you gotta do.

This is such a great accessory to take on vacation because salty food, warmer temperatures & alcohol are the perfect recipe for a puffy, bloated face. The HOT MESS ice roller will cool you down, contour the fuck out of your face & get rid of puffiness & bloat.

♡ Avène eau Thermale

This is so major for a hot vacation. A The Skinny Confidential reader named Nadia actually brought this over to us when we were having lunch. She said that everyone swears by it. It’s this spring water mist that is so refreshing.

It’s soothing, calming & good for people with sensitive skin. It also provides antioxidant protection. Win win.

♡ Woo vibrator

The Woo vibrator is the best one I’ve ever owned. The best part of bringing this one on vacation with you is the travel case. It’s discrete, sleek & looks so nice sitting on your nightstand. Not only that, the actual vibrator is rose gold & white & specifically designed for the female body.

And to keep things super spicy, bring along some coconut oil lube. Sex is just better with lube. Woo’s coconut oil lube tastes like a vanilla cupcake, has no nasties, keeps you & partner’s pH balance in check, is made of all organic ingredients, is moisturizing & is non-sticky. You can even use it as a massage oil. Meow.

You guys can use code HIMANDHER for 20% off too. So while you’re at it, pick up some freshies too.

♡ cute jewelry

Here, I’ve compiled some of my favorite jewelry brands lately. These were all so perfect for vacation & I love them for everyday wear too.

+ @electricpicks – love love love the necklaces

+ @thesiskiss – wore one of the necklaces that says BOSS on it.

+ @setandstones – has some of the cutest stuff

+ @erinfaderjewelry – obsessed with the ear cuffs & this pendant necklace in gold of a woman’s body ( her tits are perky – LOL )

♡ facial oil

The Skinny Confidential ICE QUEEN face oil was such a staple on this trip. I used it to remove my makeup ( can’t do makeup wipes- they pull the face down ), & it’s so good for taking off your mascara.

The ICE QUEEN oil was also amazing to use after the sun ( not that I’m in it much ) because it’s filled with so many vitamins & antioxidants: pomegranate, blueberry & raspberry seed oil.

All in all, this oil made me feel like my skin was being replenished with necessary nutrients after being on an airplane, a bit of sun exposure, using different water to wash my face, & just being in a different climate.

♡ cute, classic handbag

My friend Anna gifted me this bag & it’s stunning. An investment for sure, but so worth it. It’s Chanel & it’s timeless.

It’s sturdy, holds my favorite Summer Fridays lip butter, a blue Bottega Veneta ID case, & a Bee Propolis shot ( literal liquid Adderall guys – use code SKINNY for 15% off your order at Beekeeper’s Naturals).

♡ satin headscarf

I found this super affordable head scarf & I got it in lilac & marigold. The reason I love lilac lately is because it really pops the whites of the eyes & teeth.

Anyway, I would recommend getting both. These head scarves are so nice & feel good on the skin, too.

♡ fun nail polish

For my hands & feet I used DND Pinkie Promise gel polish. It was fun because it’s neon pink & matched with pretty much every outfit.

It’s always nice to add some extra pops of color when you go on vacation, especially when it’s somewhere like Cabo.   nail polish DND- pull that.

♡ portable charger

This charger is a ride or die item for me. It’s small, sleek & holds a charge for so long, plus it charges your devices quickly.

It has a USB port, a USB cable, a mini USB cable & can charge right into the wall socket. I never go anywhere with out this. Now having Zaza it’s so ideal for when I need her to chill out with some Disney movies – The Lion King is a fave lately.

♡ a good book

Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun was with me every second. You guys, this book is so packed with skin secrets of top-tier influencers, celebrities & well-known doctors. You are going to doggear & highlight the fuck out of it.

It’s perfect for vacation because it’s cheeky, fun, aesthetically pleasing & you can open it up to any page & learn a hot tip from people who know what they’re talking about. It’s almost like an easy ‘beach read’ but you’re gonna learn so much too.

If you want to know more about my new book launching TODAY ( EEK ! ) then you can read all about it here. And if you’ve pre-ordered already, THANK YOU!

♡ Elemis bag

A few months ago I did a collaboration with Elemis. It was this whole skincare kit that included all of my favorite Elemis products:

+ pro-collagen rose cleansing balm

+ pro-collagen rose facial mist

+ pro-collagenrose facial oil

+ cute, TSC stickers & a mirror

The whole kit is still available here, but my point is that the bag is SO USEFUL. It held my ice roller, Zaza’s apple snacks, my lip balm, perfume- everything I needed.

♡ Boone’s cute leash

This is such a moment. This leash is by Frenchie. It’s a small business, owned by friend Bridgette & she’s crushing it.

These leashes are the best because they’re designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, plus you can also buy these harnesses so you don’t choke out your dog’s trachea. Zaza loves to hold this & the florals are my favorite design.

There you have it, all the accessories I brought to Cabo.

Be sure to check out the Cabo outfits post where we break down the comfiest travel/arrival dress & the most flattering swimsuits.

Oh, & if you’re about to go on an airplane with a baby check out this post. I’m not an expert but wanted to share some things that work for us.

x, lauryn

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