Yip Yip Stockings, A Kitchen Kabaret Throwback, & The Labyrinth Chess Set You Must See!

I noticed several of my favorite things online lately have been Jim Henson related, so today we are embracing the theme.

Starting with these oh-so-fantastic Yip-Yip Christmas stockings by Carissa Browning:

Of course these don't have to be Christmas stockings; I bet they'd also be perfect for holding plastic bags in the kitchen, or umbrellas, or hair ties, or maybe even - gaspity gasp - cats??

John! I have a new pet bed idea!

If you visit that link on Ravelry you'll find lots of pictures from folks who've made these. Look at this fabulous rainbow row:

::flailing:: Y'all, the last (and only) time I tried crochet I set out to make a scarf and ended up with a bag, but these make me want to try again.

Also did you know the Yip Yips are actually saying "Yep"?

John and I are re-watching Brooklyn 99 right now and I'm getting some serious Jake Peralta energy here.

Yep yep yep, no doubt no doubt no doubt.


Hang on, I have more!

Autumn Jesme shared some baby pics for her little Oskar and they are ADORABLE:

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