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Online Free Fitnes Class Click here Tabata Circuit #2 “Rev it Up”
Warm up, Tabata rounds, cool down stretch and discussion.  You can fast forward, rewind. Grab these Fit Traveller Workouts if you are strapped for time or equipment.  Download these workouts and save to your computer or phone.  Grab dish rags, cut up old t-shirts and let’s move however you can.
Press play and do it with me #1 Squat Jacks / #2 Football runs
Alternate move #1 and #2 for 8 rounds total
#3 Monster walk / #4 Kick Stand Lunge
Alternate between monster walk and kick stand lunge.  Be sure to do one set on the right leg and then the left. 8 rounds total.
Trina’s Trainer Tips Consult your physician before you start any new exercise program Always warm up first for 5-10 minutes, dynamic stretches and foam roll if possible *goal is to increase the heart rate, warm up the body and muscles and reduce the risk of injury Preform each rep with good form, technique, full range of motion and work within your limits Take it at your own pace, start slow if you are new or getting back into fitness Listen to your body Never work through pain, progression is the goal Never sacrifice form for speed Cool Down: 5-10 min – Always stretch and foam roll, gentle tension no pain Schedule your workouts as an appointment in your calendar, read How to Do this here Rest days are important and stretching is a must Perform 8 rounds total.  Always warm up first. Use hashtag #Fit4Females to tag us on social media so we can find you. What you Need for the Quick Workout A scarf, dish rags, old cut up dish rags for a little resistance Mat or towel Water
Check out my 10 Day Lean and Clean for workouts, recipes and more.

Tabata Circuit #2 “Booty HIIT”

#1 Squat pulses x 3 and one knee driver alternating / #2 Lateral skaters
Alternate move #1 and #2 for 8 rounds total for 4 minutes.  Take a 60 second rest then perform #3 and #4.
#3 Big arm wheels x 3 and then fast run on the spot feet / #4 Arm circles x 8 – Jumping Jacks x 8
Alternate move #1 and #2 for 8 rounds total for 4 minutes.  Take a 60 second rest then perform #3 and #4.

This is exactly why you should do Tabata and HIIT Training.

The reason I dish out so much free content here is because I want you to better your life and health.

xo Trina
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