You Dont Need a Baby Yoda Cookie Cutter to Make Great Baby Yoda Cookies

One of the side effects of having to keep Baby Yoda a secret is that the standard Star Wars marketing machine couldnt be fired up beforeThe Mandalorian premiered. That means no merch, a weird situation for a franchise emblazoned on everything from smartwatches to dutch ovens.

Thankfully, online Baby Yoda fanatics arent just great at making memes. Theyve also stepped in to fill the void with homemade Baby Yoda merch, from an impressively accurate Lego model to this quick and easy way to bake batch after batch of Baby Yoda cookies this holiday season.

Instagram user atakturk is the genius behind this innovation. She noticed that if you simply decapitate a cookie made with a standard angel cookie cutter the cookie becomes short enough to look like Baby Yoda and the wings look just like his ears. With some green, white, black, and brown icing, its actually pretty simple to make an adorable facsimile of the little guy.

You can of course get Star Wars cookie cutter sets with other characters and objects from the saga, everything from Chewy and a Stormtrooper to C3PO and R2-D2 to the original, adult Yoda. But its hard to argue with atakturks results and the low, low price of repurposing what you already have to make topical, delicious cookies you can scarf down the way the real Baby Yoda eats those weird frog things.

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